Image Gallery part II; Chorus and Orchestra by Molly Hollman

Huge gratitude to percussionist and award-winning photographer Molly Hollman, who, went not diligently playing percussion in the orchestra on Saturday, took time during the rehearsal at Canterbury Cathedral to capture the atmosphere of the moment in these fabulous photographs.

Pictured here are University Chorus and Orchestra in action, rehearsing Requiem for the Living by Dan Forrest, ahead of a marvellous performance later that night.

Our thanks to Molly for permission to share these fantastic shots; all this and playing percussion too…!

2 thoughts on “Image Gallery part II; Chorus and Orchestra by Molly Hollman”

  1. We had tickets, but then the cold virus invaded … now I feel even more disappointed at missing it
    I’m so glad that it went well – indeed one of the choir members told me it was a brilliant experience.

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