Virtual Music Project: early excerpts

The Virtual Music Project is in full swing, building virtual music performances together with student, staff and alumni musicians across the University community. So far, people have submitted recordings for the first movement of Vivaldi’s Gloria, and the virtual Dance Orchestra is building a performance of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (well, with a title like that, it was the obvious piece to do, really, wasn’t it…).

Here are some early extracts; first, from some of the first instrumental tracks to be submitted, featuring strings and oboe:

And here’s an extract from an early voices-only mix, featuring some of the first vocal recordings to arrive:

The next phase has gone live this morning, as we now build the second movement of the Vivaldi, the hugely expressive, richly-dissonant second movement; all the details are on the project’s Facebook Page here for those who want to get involved.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Music Project: early excerpts”

  1. Magic Dan. Don’t know how you weave the strands together, but it sounds great. Only comment is that on my computer the bass lines sound thin and the treble top heavy. Probably the limitation of my computer speakers?

  2. Fear not, Richard: there’s still plenty of work to do yet! This is a very rough first attempt to give everyone a sense of how the project is working through the formative stages; there are still nine-hundred-and-eleventy tracks still to add, balance and edit…stay tuned!

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