In the picture: Jazz @ 5 photos

And a belated Happy New Year! With various technical issues resolved, it’s back to work, and we start the new blog-year with an album of photos from the last Jazz @ 5 in December – the snow-and-ice-ridden gig that defied the weather to go ahead.

There’s lots of musical events to look forward to in the coming months; the new on-line calendar and downloadable brochure will be published to the website soon. With not one, but two concerts featuring Stravinsky (always the sign of a good term!), contemporary choral music from the Chamber Choir, the usual roof-raising Gulbenkian gig with the Concert and Big Bands, European sacred music from the Cecilian Choir, and the small matter of a Mozart Requiem in the Cathedral: it promises to be a packed several months.

Stay in touch!


Photos as usual from the creative artistry of Mick Norman.

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