Was It Good For You: Dan Wheeler.

Continuing the series profiling musical alumni of the University of Kent. This week, Dan Wheeler.


Dan Wheeler
Brass cheek: Dan Wheeler

When were you at Kent ?

I was at Kent from 2005-08, although I never quite got around to leaving Canterbury…

What subject did you study ?

Law, although from about the second term onwards you would have thought I was doing a Music degree!

What occupation are you now engaged in ?

The civil service, occasionally making use of my degree!

If music is not your profession, do you participate in any musical experiences now ?

Having never left Canterbury I am still involved in music at the University; singing in the University Chorus whilst also playing tuba and bass guitar in the University Concert and Big Band. I also sing regularly with St Stephen’s church choir (based in the Hales Place area) in weekly services, occasionally covering Evensong services at Canterbury and Rochester Cathedrals.

How were you involved in music whilst at Kent ?

In almost every way possible! I have sung in Chorus and Chamber Choir, played tuba in Concert Band and Orchestra and playing until recently in the Orchestra. In my final year I completed the set by running the Music Society as president.

What did you gain from your University music experience, and has this helped you in any way since leaving Kent ?

Without my University music experience I would not have had the confidence to be where I am today, leaving home and starting a new life in Canterbury. I would not have met all the wonderful people I have come across during my time in numerous rehearsals and made some great friends along the way!

What was your most memorable musical experience at Kent ?

Performing the solo in Cornelius’ Three Kings to almost 1000 people in Canterbury Cathedral in the 2006 carol service; that and sitting through my debut Big Band gig after my guitar broke on the first note…!

What would you say to current musical students at the University ?

I would encourage all musical students to get involved in as much as possible, it is much more enjoyable than the degree (although admittedly this is coming from a law graduate) and from extensive experience of job hunting (!) I invariably end up being asked more about my musical activities than the degree itself!


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