New website goes live!

I’m delighted to report that, after months of development, modernisation of the department continues: the new Music Department website at the university has just gone live!

New website screenshot
Seeing the future: the new-look website.

Those of you familiar with the previous incarnation will, I hope, be pleased with the new site’s look and feel: it’s now more interactive, visually more engaging, and less page-scrolling is required to view content as it journeys down the page.

New features include embedded video and virtual brochures, with the possibility of additional enhanced features to reflect the Music Department itself as it heads into the next decade with the exciting new music building mentioned previously here on the blog. A new News and Links feature will allow us to keep visitors up-to-date with stories and events, and keep the site relevant with current content to keep readers coming back.

It still offers the same facilities as before, including the Concert Diary (now presented much more usefully) and down-loadable seasonal brochure, details about ArtsFest, plus all the music-making activities and ensembles with which to get involved.  Still under development is an attractive dynamic gallery, where photos from recent events will be published: a feature sorely missing from the previous site.

Combining the new website with the ‘Music Matters’ blog, you’ll be able to keep yourself informed about the latest in music at Kent like never before…

The new, sleeker and (hopefully) sexier website is here: view it for yourself!

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