Cash for Votes: Evidence from India

by Anirban Mitra, Shabana Mitra and Arnab Mukherji, discussion paper KDPE 1711, June 2017. Non-technical summary Campaigning in elections is costly. In countries without public funding … Read more

Consumption spikes and election days

‘There is ample anecdotal evidence on political parties bribing voters with cash or consumption goods prior to elections, in India and other developing countries. However, … Read more

Brexit and strategic trade control

Dr Maria Garcia-Alonso recently presented at a workshop on ‘Brexit and Strategic Trade Control: Consequences and Ways Forward’ on 24-25 April in Chaudfontaine, Belgium.  The … Read more

Agricultural insurance for rural farmers

Dr Zaki Wahhaj and Dr Harounan Kazianga (Okhlahoma State University) have initiated a research project on ‘Enhancing access to weather index agricultural insurance in Burkina Faso’ … Read more