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Explore our MSc Economics programmes with Dr Anirban Mitra!

“As a student in our MSc programmes, you will have the chance to engage with fundamental economic challenges worldwide and to become a become a professional economist with key analytical skills. You will have the opportunity to do a trip abroad and to work with specialists from our four research centres: Development Economics Research Centre; Macroeconomics, Growth and History Centre; Microeconomics Research Centre and Centre for European Agri-Environmental Studies. 

Our programmes offer small class sizes, ensuring personalised attention and fostering a vibrant, interactive environment where every student’s voice is heard. The richness of our diverse student body enhances the fabric of discussions, bringing together varied perspectives and creating a dynamic intellectual community. The teaching faculty mirrors this diversity, with experts from various backgrounds dedicated to nurturing your academic growth.  

We equip you with a versatile skill set, preparing you not only for independent research but also for a variety of roles in academia, research institutions, government, international organisations, and the private sector. Recent graduates have been hired by companies in the UK such as BNP Paribas, AXA, FactSet and PwC. 

Our international institutional collaborations with Aix Marseille University (France) and North-South and Brac universities (Bangladesh) offer students an opportunity for research, learning and co-supervision abroad. 

We are dedicated to excellence in both teaching and research, as demonstrated by our results in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 and recent national student surveys. Our academic staff are active in research, and teaching and learning are informed by the School’s thriving research culture and strong cosmopolitan academic community. 

We currently have 35 academic staff from a number of different nationalities, with about 35-40 MSc and PhD students, which has the benefit of a good community for interaction between students but also means that each student receives a good deal of individual attention in classes and workshops. It also means that we are able to offer excellent facilities for research. 

Our postgraduate student community is global with many of the students originating from outside the UK and Europe. You will be able to integrate into this multicultural environment and build yourself an international professional network for the future.”

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