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Professor Miguel Leon-Ledesma

Work on banking system stability wins best paper prize

Miguel Leon-Ledesma, Professor of Economics in the School, together with colleagues from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, has won a best paper award at the 5th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (11-13 June 2015).

The work was motivated by the financial crisis and the two Schools have been developing a model of the banking system, which includes the interconnections between banks and their effect on the stability of the overall system.  This dynamic model extends previous work on network models of the banking system and it takes inspiration from large-scale, complex, interconnected systems studied within the domain of engineering. The ultimate goal of the work is to be able to inform recommendations to financial regulators and operators to help preserve financial stability.

Click here to view the announcement on the conference website.


Economics graduates command the highest salaries

According to a recent survey, graduates who have studied economics at university earn more after five years in comparison to those who have studied other subjects.

Benchmarking website Emolument, which crowdsources data from 55,000 individuals, states that economics graduates can expect to be earning £45,000 within five years of graduation rising to £126,000 after fifteen years of experience.


‘The New Art of Central Banking’ by Jagjit Chadha

Following the Long Expansion and the global financial crisis, money and monetary policy is now firmly linked (again) to both financial and fiscal stability. So how do we re-write the monetary rule book? Specifically, how many instruments do we have to control so many variables? And how should we deal with the unknowable threats that lurk in the nightmares of policy makers? And how much current growth are we prepared to give up in order to meet these threats?

View Professor Jagjit Chadha’s Gresham College lecture here (held on 4 June 2015).

Jagjit Chadha is the Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Commerce at Gresham College and Professor of Economics at Kent. His next Gresham lecture will be held on 1 October: ‘The Cost of Business Cycles’. Click here for further information.