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Applications of Principal-Agent Theory to Agricultural Land Use Policy

A new book by Professor Rob Fraser, one of the School’s experts in agricultural economics, is due to be published in May 2015.

“Applications of Principal-Agent Theory to Agricultural Land Use Policy: Lessons from the European Union” is based on Rob’s published research. It uses the principal-agent methodology as a consistent framework for analysing and evaluating the development of the European Union’s agricultural land use policy, as it has evolved over the last two decades from voluntary set-aside to ‘compliance’ set-aside to environmental stewardship.

The book begins with an introduction to the principal-agent methodology and to the historical development of agricultural land use policy in the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy). There are also literature-based introductions which contextualise each major part of the book (Parts A and B). The book concludes with some reflections and forward-looking comments on policy design lessons from this research, which will be of use to students, academics and policymakers.

“Applications of Principal-Agent Theory to Agricultural Land Use Policy: Lessons from the European Union” will be published by Imperial College Press and available to purchase from World Scientific.

Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Trading Challenge 2015

Kent Invest held their second annual Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Trading Challenge on 21February, following on from the success of the first event in 2014. The event was run by Fintratech, an organisation that is also contracted by top investment banks, such as the Bank of America, to train their new graduate intakes. Kent joins the universities of Warwick, Durham and
Imperial in hosting the event, which offers a live simulation of a trading floor.

The day started at 9am with a tutoring session on how the trading platform functions and key trading concepts, after which the students were divided into an investment bank and a hedge fund. Within these two groups, students were split into teams of three and assigned their roles to reflect the structure of institutions in the real world.

The markets opened for trading and students were able to gain first-hand experience of short selling, negotiating, hedging, analysing incoming news and forming strong relationships with brokers and  sales traders. The room was soon buzzing with sales traders thrashing out deals, hedge funds taking a more relaxed approach to decision making, while the investment banks were hard selling their strategies. The students put a great deal of effort and commitment into the day, using it as an opportunity to develop the skills required to be successful both at university and in a future career. The event provided a true insight into the world of investment
banking and also the chance to ask industry experts for career tips.

Kent Invest would like to say a special thank you to Alastair Bailey and the School of Economics for once again making this event possible.

Pamela Macedo
Acting President
Kent Investment Society
Kent Investment Society is a student-run society aimed at bringing together students interested in investing, to further develop their commercial awareness as well as gaining an interactive
hands-on experience in global capital markets.

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