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Pub quiz

The School held it’s first pub quiz on 27 November in Origins. The event was a huge success with 17 teams entering: 3 staff and 14 student teams, with some very entertaining team names such as ‘Bangers & Nash’, ‘Fiscal Drag Queens’ and ‘Keyne Beans’. There was a friendly, competitive atmosphere and a strong desire to win School of Economics hoodies! Dr Bill Collier took on the role of questionmaster, and with all answers peer-marked, there was little room for cheating (although we know some tried!).

Ultimately, a staff team of experienced quizzers won, but they gallantly deferred their coveted prize of a hamper and Economics hoodies to the next winners; the student team ‘Adam Smith’s Invisible Glove’. A team of PhD students (DSGE ‒ Dumb Stupid and Generally Erroneous) came second and won a hoody for each member. The School Admin team, ‘Minsky Moments’ came third, and also donated their prize of Amazon vouchers to the MSc student team ‘Rationally Irrational’. It was a great night and many people expressed a desire to participate in more events like this, organised by the School.

Take a look at the photos on our Facebook page.

Keynes College

Postgraduate scholarships for 2015/16

The School of Economics is offering a generous package of scholarships for outstanding students who enrol for an MSc programme in 2015/16. Our Scholarships for Excellence are worth 60% of the tuition fee for one year, whether Home/EU or Overseas, and are awarded on a competitive basis. The Centre for European Agri-Environmental Studies (CEAS), is also offering a one-year scholarship of £3,000 open to students applying for the MSc in Agri-Environmental Economics and Policy. For Kent School of Economics final-year students, there are Alumni Scholarships available, in addition to the Kent Graduate School Scholarship.

The School also has funding available for outstanding students wanting to study for a PhD.

For further information on all of our scholarships, please click here.

Workshop: Labour Markets, Public Policy and the Business Cycle

The School of Economics, jointly with the Macroeconomics, Growth and History Centre (MaGHiC), will be hosting a one-day Macroeconomics workshop on Labour Markets, Public Policy and the Business Cycle. This workshop covers popular topics on labour markets and public policy issues over the business cycles. The keynote speaker is Professor Postel-Vinay from UCL.

The workshop will take place on 18 December 2014 at Jennison Lecture Theatre, University of Kent, Canterbury. Registration is free.

For enquiries, please contact the local organiser, Dr Wei Jiang at Further information can be found here.

Employability Week talks

The School held a very successful evening during employability week when three of our Economics alumni came to talk to current students about working in the finance sector. Aniq Ahmed from Deloitte, Niji Adeleye from Bloomberg and Sophie Weavers from Smith & Williamson returned to Keynes on 4 November to give informative, interesting and revealing talks, followed by a lively question and answer session. We would like to extend our thanks to Aniq, Niji and Sophie for giving up their time in coming to talk and making the event such a success.

The impact of the maturity of US government debt on forward rates and the term premium: New results from old data

The impact of the stock and maturity of government debt on longer-term bond yields matters for monetary policy. This article, published in VOX, assesses the magnitude and relative importance of overall bond supply and maturity effects on longer-term US Treasury interest rates using data from 1976 to 2008. Both factors have a significant impact on both forwards and term premia, but maturity of public debt appears to matter more. The results have implications for exit from unconventional policies, and also for the links between monetary and fiscal policy and debt management. Read the full article here.

by Professor Jagjit Chadha, School of Economics at the University of Kent



Employability Week – working in the Finance sector

For Employability Week, the School of Economics is hosting a talk by recent Economics Graduates who will give personal accounts of their experiences of working and finding a job in the Finance sector.  Come along to the talk today (Tuesday 4 November) and hear from graduates who work at Bloomberg, Deloitte, and Smith and Williamson – 7-9pm in KLT1.  All Economics students are welcome.

No ‘Silver Bullet’ for Closing the Gender Gap in Patriarchal Societies

Research by Dr Zaki Wahhaj, a senior lecturer at Kent School of Economics, and Professor M Niaz Asadullah from the University of Malaya, has been highlighted in an article in The Conversation on this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi. Both award winners were recognised for ‘their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education’.

Zaki Wahhaj and M Niaz Asadullah argue that the lives of adolescent girls in patriarchal societies are constrained by multiple norms, regarding marriage, childbearing, employment, etc. and programmes and policies that focus on just one of these constraints at the exclusion of others will fail to make a comprehensive difference in their lives. The authors are engaged in a project on ‘The role of Secondary Schooling and Gender Norms in the Long-Term Opportunities and Choices of Rural Bangladeshi Women’. Read the full article here.

The project is funded by the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade.