Pub quiz

The School held it’s first pub quiz on 27 November in Origins. The event was a huge success with 17 teams entering: 3 staff and 14 student teams, with some very entertaining team names such as ‘Bangers & Nash’, ‘Fiscal Drag Queens’ and ‘Keyne Beans’. There was a friendly, competitive atmosphere and a strong desire to win School of Economics hoodies! Dr Bill Collier took on the role of questionmaster, and with all answers peer-marked, there was little room for cheating (although we know some tried!).

Ultimately, a staff team of experienced quizzers won, but they gallantly deferred their coveted prize of a hamper and Economics hoodies to the next winners; the student team ‘Adam Smith’s Invisible Glove’. A team of PhD students (DSGE ‒ Dumb Stupid and Generally Erroneous) came second and won a hoody for each member. The School Admin team, ‘Minsky Moments’ came third, and also donated their prize of Amazon vouchers to the MSc student team ‘Rationally Irrational’. It was a great night and many people expressed a desire to participate in more events like this, organised by the School.

Take a look at the photos on our Facebook page.