Irma awarded 18th Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Economic Research

Professor Irma Clots-Figueras

Irma Clots-Figueras has been awarded the 18th Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for Economic Research for her quantitative research work on gender aspects in political economy.

Irma Clots-Figueras, Professor of Economics at Kent, is a prominent figure in the fields of political economy and development economics – areas in which she has covered a wide variety of topics, such as women’s involvement in politics, the importance of education for political leaders, costs and benefits of gender quotas and how education contributes to shaping identity. Her work is an example of how economic research techniques are extremely useful for the rigorous analysis of issues of great relevance and social impact.

Her works, published in top-level academic journals, have been widely cited and have had a massive impact on the sector.

Irma will receive her award at a ceremony to take place on 8th October in Oviedo.

Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for Economic Research

The Fundación Banco Sabadell has awarded this prize annually since 2002, with the aim of acknowledging the work of Spanish researchers in the fields of economic, business and social knowledge, to contribute towards the analysis and formulation of alternatives that promote social wellbeing. The value of the prize is 30,000 euros.

It is aimed at researchers under 40 years (age that can be extended to a maximum of one year for each child for career breaks due to maternity leave) that have accomplished outstanding research in the aforementioned fields. The award candidates are proposed by researchers, universities, academic and research centres, foundations, companies and other national and international institutions.

About Banco Sabadell Foundation

Banco Sabadell Foundation was established as a private foundation in 1994 with the mission to stimulate excellence and promote cultural knowledge. Its aim is to promote research, training and outreach activities in the education, scientific and cultural fields, as well as encourage and support young talent.