Napoleon bust and Bowes Museum by Dr Howard Coutts

Interviewed by Ralph Roberts

Question One – What does the museum have in its collection regarding the French Revolution and Napoleon?

Question 2 – How has the museum’s collection been added to over time and what does it look for when adding to the collection?

Question 3 – What do you look for and find interesting as curator that form part of the collection?

Question 4 – In a wider context how does the museum aid in understanding the period as a whole?

Question 5 – What makes the Staffordshire bust of Napoleon particularly interesting?

Question 6 – Is there a possibility that it could be post 1802?

Question 7 – How important is it for students to take into consideration the objects themselves rather than abstract theories and literary ideas?

Question 8 – What can we learn about Napoleonic perceptions about ancient and other cultures? (in reference to Egyptians depicted on a Napoleonic mantelpiece)

Question 9 – How does this collection in relation to the French Revolution and Napoleon compare to the research you have done on other items?

Question 10 – What else can students do to help understand the French Revolution and Napoleon in regard to objects?

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