Dominic Gibson

I’m currently studying History BA at the University of Kent. Getting involved in the Age of Revolutions project in first year I’m now entering second year with a specific interest in Tsarist Russian and African history, especially the impact of slavery.

Traveling to Waterloo with the Age of Revolutions was a great opportunity to view the a vital location in the history of Europe and to gain a better understanding of what was fought for and the role of the battle in the wider diplomacy of Europe.

Aside from the trip to Waterloo I have had the pleasure of meeting with historians in effort to create podcasts for the project. Thus far I have spoken with Nick Draper, a lecturer with UCL who has done amazing work in creating a map of slave owners in Britain, I have also spoken with Richard Huzzey a lecturer at Durham University who has written extensively on the anti-slavery movement in Victorian Britain.

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