Matthew Edson


Matthew Edson is currently studying for a BA in Military History at the Univeristy of Kent.

Matthew has various areas of interest within the ‘Age of Revolutions Project’, however, he is most interested in the military history of the period, especially the links between society and the military. However, he is also interested in and looking forward to researching more about the political back ground of the Age of Revolution, after all, you can’t have military history without political history.

Matthew attended the Projects trip to Waterloo earlier this year, returning to Waterloo again after a three year absence since his last involvement with Waterloo200, participating in the events to commemorate the bicentennial of the great battle, a rare opportunity to visit a battle site and be able to spend the entire time enjoying the museums that the areas has to offer, Napoleon’s Final Headquarters being of particular interest.

Within the realms of the project, Matthew will be working on an exhibit looking at recruiting by the military in the period, working with both fellow ambassadors and with noted regimental museums.

When not studying (or working), Matthew is often found indulging in his hobbies, mostly as a Living Historian at events up and down the UK, a Scouter and can sometimes be founding attempting to play various instruments.

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