Audio Podcasts: Discussing Objects & Ideas from the Age of Revolutions

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The artificial leg of Earl of Uxbridge
Dr Mick Crumplin, retired General Surgeon
Australian Poets, Early Settler Period
Dr Michael Falk (University of Kent)
Miranda and Bolivar
Prof Natalia Sobrevilla Perea (University of Kent)
Les Misérables
Dr Ruscombe Foster
Bone Ships
Paul Brunyee
Napoleonic specialist
Napoleon Bust and Bowes Museum
Dr Howard Coutts
Statue of Bolivar
Dr Mark Lawrence (University of Kent)
The Guillotine
Dr Ambrogio Caiani (University of Kent)
Marie Antoinette
Dr Ambrogio Caiani (University of Kent)
Lamartine & 1848
Dr Mark Lawrence (University of Kent)
Women & Elections
Prof Elaine Chalus (University of Liverpool)
Prof Michael Broers (University of Oxford)
French Revolution & Napoleon
Prof Munro Price (University of Bradford)
Slavery in the Age of Revolution
Dr Nick Draper (UCL)
British Abolitionism
Dr Richard Huzzey (Durham University)
HMS Endeavour & Captain Cook’s voyages
Dr Rebekah Higgitt (University of Kent)
Prof Robert Poole (University of Central Lancashire)
The Death of Marat
Dr Nicholas Shaddick (University of York)
Battle of Vertieres
Prof Hakim Adi (University of Chicester)
Anti-slavery Sugar Bowl
Prof Hakim Adi (University of Chicester)
Wellington’s Funeral Carriage
Dr Ruscombe Foster
The Swing Riots
Prof Carl Griffin
The Tolpuddle Martyrs
Prof Carl Griffin
Mary Shelley and Frankenstein
Prof Jennie Batchelor

With thanks to our student ambassadors Jonathan Burton, Kesia Wills, Megan King, Maria Edwards, George Evans-Hulme, Dominic Gibson, Callum Harris, Will Jarvis, Nathan Ilett, Matthew Edson, Helen Howard, Ralph Roberts, Toto Yuen, Emily Wyant.


For previous blogs from this project see below. It was launched at the University of Kent in November 2017, dedicated to linking historians, students, museums, and schools together to improve our coverage of the Age of Revolution in a host of educational and cultural settings.

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