Jonathan Burton

I’m an undergraduate at the University of Kent, studying for my BA in History. I joined the Age of Revolution project because I’ve always enjoyed visiting museums and thought that it might be fun working with them. It also might be an area that I consider entering after I leave university.

I also liked the fact that the project gives me the opportunity to look at areas of history that I’ve never studied before. At university, I’ve mainly studied colonial, political and military history whilst the Age of Revolution has enabled me to look at more obscure branches of history, like medical history. I’ve really enjoyed this as it’s nice to have a change and do something different every now and then.

The main focus of my work with the Age of Revolution, as previously mentioned, has been looking at the revolution in medicine and medical knowledge during the period. Our main partners in this endeavour have been the Old Operating Theatre in London, who we hope to provide with some short films that should help to enrich their educational material. This has involved several trips to London (tough work, but someone has to do it) in order to talk to and meet the people involved, as well as to network with other museums in order to gather artefacts. I particularly enjoyed a gathering at the British Dental Association in which we got to meet lots of lovely people from different museums all over London. It was brilliant seeing all the different objects they had brought along with them from their collections, plus there was the added bonus of the excellent buffet lunch provided!

I’m really looking forward to the climax of the project when everything finally comes together and we get to produce the films. Writing the scripts, selecting the artefacts and watching the final result should be a lot of fun. It will be a nice ending to a project that has provided me with a lot of pleasure.

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