Kat Denmark

After studying for my undergraduate degree in History and Art History at the University of Kent, I decided to stay on and study for a masters in Curating. As part of the curatorial internship we have the opportunity to curate an exhibition in Studio 3 Gallery, situated in the School of Arts. An art historical and historical knowledge has proven invaluable in response to the brief of ‘Arts in the Age of Revolution’, a sub-theme of the Age of Revolution project.

Myself and my fellow curators are in the process of developing ‘Beyond the Barricade’; looking at past upheavals and present day events, this exhibition explores how art becomes a powerful and poignant expression of social and political action. Taking the barricade as the core concept, the exhibition charts revolutionary moments through a diverse range of artworks. A central part of the exhibition will be a range of interdisciplinary talks and outreach programmes for school children, with the aim of encouraging discussion and debate. 



The weblog of the University of Kent's strand of the Waterloo200 Legacy project devoted to teaching and understanding the history of the Age of Revolution