Arlo Curry

I’m Arlo and I’m a third year Military History Student at the University of Kent.

My interests in the Age of Revolutions are mostly in the military and political side, including the American and French Revolutions, together with the wars that followed both. Specifically, I’m also interested in the lives of people that were important during these events, from major ones such as George Washington, Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington to more obscure figures like Banastre Tarleton, the Marquis de Lafayette and Sir John Moore.

In 2018, I attended the trip to the Waterloo battlefield and through the project I will be looking into the British Army, taking the form of exhibitions in several regimental museums such as the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Outside from academic activities, it is a hobby of mine to read and sometimes write fiction, though I need to learn to actually see my projects through to the end! Additionally, I am the Secretary of the Military History society. Whether that sounds important or not, I’m mostly just the guy that books the rooms!

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