Jack Davis

I’m Jack, a third year Military History Student at the University of Kent.

My interests in the Age of Revolutions lie mainly in the French
Revolution, the French Revolutionary Wars, and the Napoleonic Wars. In particular, I’m interested in the motivation behind soldiers of the period – why they enlisted, why they continued service under appalling conditions, and why many didn’t just run when the first volleys were fired. I’m also keenly interested in the possible politicisation in armies of the time, looking into how far ideology shaped a soldier’s experience in war, particularly in such a
politically motivated period in Europe’s history.

Earlier in 2018, I attended the trip to Waterloo and as part of
the project will be looking into recruitment to the British Army, culminating in exhibitions in several regimental museums.

When I’m not nose-deep in books for my dissertation, I work for
Canterbury Historic River Tours, rowing forty-five minute long historical tours for the various tourists on the River Stour, and also occasionally delve into writing in the realms of fiction. I also serve as the Vice-President for the University of Kent Military History Society, being the true ideas man and the planner of our battlefield tour of Belgium in 2019.

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