Will Jarvis

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Kent, currently studying for a BA in Military History. It is no surprise that I am interested in the military aspect of the Age of Revolutions, i.e. Napoleon. The period from 1775 to 1815 is where my wider historical interests lie, where the political, diplomatic and military aspects are most appealing to me.

Visiting Waterloo re-envigored my interest in the period, it was great opportunity to see the battlefield and surrounding museums in situ the trip was a great. Since then I have helped in setting up and making additions to the ‘Age of Revolution’ website through Culture 24, editing and uploading data about historical objects. Currently I am working on a Napoleonic orientated project based at the Bowes Museum in Durham. I look forward to future work with the project, continuing on into a third year

The weblog of the University of Kent's strand of the Waterloo200 Legacy project devoted to teaching and understanding the history of the Age of Revolution