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Walking buddies and JustCoffee

Stuck in your room and need to get out, but nobody is around to go for a walk? We can put you in touch with a walking buddy. This is a great opportunity to get out, meet another student and energise your mind! Find a reason to leave your accommodation, get outside and enjoy the fresh air with someone else.

Or you might like to have a virtual coffee or tea (or other beverage!) break with someone else but find that your usual network isn’t available. We’ll randomly match you with another student who’s looking for a coffee break buddy and email you their contact details so you can get in touch to arrange when to virtually meet.

If you’d like to take part and find a buddy, simply email from your Kent email address giving your mobile number and saying that you’d like to be matched for a Walking Buddy or Just Coffee and stating which campus (Canterbury or Medway) by midday on Friday, and we’ll randomly match you with another student to meet the following week.

For more information and to sign up, check out the  Student Support and Wellbeing Events Calendar.

Please note: From 5 January 2021, England has entered a third national lockdown. You are able to meet with one other person from another household in a public place for exercise. Make you maintain social distancing (stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household.)

Statement on email sent 12.15pm – 14 January 2021

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by recipients replying to an email sent to some of our students on 14 January 2021. In order to minimise this inconvenience, the University’s IT department removed the ability of recipients to reply en masse to the email within a short time of the issue occurring. This means that if you had replied to the email after 14:00 your email would not have been distributed to the list. However, it is possible that many people continued to receive emails after this time. This is because of the volume of emails being sent before the list was frozen, resulting in the release of those emails over the course of the afternoon.

The University’s Data Protection Officer has had the opportunity to review the contents of the email, the manner in which the email was sent and the number of individuals affected by the breach.

They have determined that the data protection risk to individuals is minimal. This is because, apart from the email addresses of the individuals who replied to the mailing list before the list was frozen, no other personal data had been compromised, as the email distribution list was private. Furthermore, the email sent by the University was generic in nature which meant that its contents could not be used to deduce if the recipients shared any sensitive data in common with each other.

We have provided advice to those staff members involved in sending out the communication and have highlighted the availability of University tools the use of which can reduce the likelihood of the breach reoccurring. The University now considers the data protection element of the incident closed. If you would like to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (the body responsible for regulating the use personal data in the UK), please see the link below:

A bowl of food with chopsticks

Facilities on campus during lockdown

Canterbury campus facilities

From 11 January 2021, due to current national restrictions, all catering outlets, except for Rutherford Dining Hall, are closed until further notice.

For those students with Flex credits and those living in Keynes College and Becket Court with a Bed & Bistro catering package, all meals will be served in Rutherford Dining Hall until further notice.

You can find the opening hours for Rutherford here.

The Library Café is closed until further notice.

All sport and fitness facilities (with the exception of our Physiotherapy Clinic) will be temporarily closed until further notice.

The main Kent Union Plaza Co-op will stay closed until further notice, with the Park Wood Co-op remaining open to serve those still on site. You can see the availability of all the Kent Union services on their website.

Templeman Library opening hours

From Monday 11 January, Templeman Library’s new opening hours will be:

Mon – Fri 10.00 – 16.00
Sat -Sun closed

Please note that you now don’t need to renew or return any books, including document deliveries, till Friday 26 February inclusive.

See library and IT services COVID-19 updates.

Medway campus facilities 

Drill Hall library will be open at the following hours:

Monday to Friday – 9:00 to 19:00
Saturday and Sunday – 9:00 to 17:00

The sports facilities are closed until further notice.

Pilkington is open between 8:00 to 16:00 for food and drink.

Looking after your wellbeing

There is a lot of support on hand for students over the Christmas period at the Canterbury and Medway campuses.


Students can contact the Canterbury Food banks for emergency food parcels. You can read more information about the food bank. 

Student volunteers are on hand throughout the night if you just need someone to listen. The phone number to call is 01227 824848 or they have an instant chat function if preferred.

Campus Security staff are on duty 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and can always be contacted on their emergency number 01227 823333


At Medway, students have access to support through Medway Foodbank Vouchers (these can be obtained from the Medway Campus Chaplain) and Medway Street Angels. Please note that the foodbank itself is closing from the 23 December for 2 weeks.

For support with your finances, please contact GKSU Advice team to find out more about what support is available to you.

Please remember that the Medway Campus Chaplain is also available and can be contacted on


Student Support and Wellbeing continues to operate until 22 December and then will return on Monday 4th January. Wherever you find yourself over the vacation period, please find below some information to help you stay well and connected:

For expert information to help you through the challenges of coronavirus from Student Minds, check out the Student Space website which provides advice, as well as telephone, email, webchat and text support.

For 24/7 free online support from peers and trained professionals, all Kent students can access Togetherall.

If you’re having a difficult time and want to talk to someone, you can call the Samaritans free on 116 123, or email

If you would prefer to receive support via text message, Shout is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope, simply text 85258.
Spending Christmas on campus? There’s lots happening for our on campus communities – for information on events, where to eat, meet, study, worship, walk and much more, check out the vacation webpage. Local GP surgeries (University Medical Centre in Canterbury, St Mary’s Island and in Medway) are operating according to normal opening hours apart from bank holidays, outside of these please use NHS 111.

Greenwich’s Wellbeing Hub provides resources to empower you to look after your mental wellbeing with practical tips on resilience and self-care. The University of Greenwich is also offering students Winter Care Packages that can be ordered here.

Remember, you can call Nightline to speak to a trained student volunteer about anything that may be troubling you. Greenwich students can access the London service on 0207 631 0101 or there are other online methods available.

More information, advice and resources will be posted throughout vacation on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts – check out @UniKentSSW.

Emergency support

NHS 111 is the NHS urgent help advice line. It’s fast, easy and free. Call 111 when you need medical help fast but it’s not a 999 emergency.

For 24/7 free online counselling and peer support, all Kent students can access Togetherall for free.

Need to talk right now? Call the Samaritans free on 116 123

The university also offers a Wellbeing Page to provide links to Counselling Services, Self-help Resources, and ways to stay connected.

Facilities at Medway over Christmas

There will be numerous on campus facilities open during the Christmas break. You will be able to catch up on your studies at the library and pop into the student union.

Drill Hall Library

Drill Hall library will be at the following hours.

Monday to Friday – 9:00 to 19:00
Saturday and Sunday – 9:00 to 17:00


The Student Union re-opens on 11 January. You will be able to pop into the Student Hub to speak to reception.

GKSU is now 100% online with the Student Hub being used for lateral testing. We are open 9:00 to 17:00. Students can email or visit GKSU to talk to someone on our live chat.


Pilkington is open between 8:00 to 16:00 for food and drink.


The University Chaplaincy can be contacted via either of the following emails: OR On weekdays they can be contacted anytime between 9:00 to 18:00.

For more information, please head over to the GKSU website. 

Facilities at Canterbury over Christmas

There are various campus facilities open during the Christmas break.

Templeman Library

From Monday 11 January, Templeman Library’s new opening hours will be:

Mon – Fri 10.00 – 16.00
Sat -Sun closed

Please note that you now don’t need to renew or return any books, including document deliveries, till Friday 26 February inclusive.

The Library Café, Group Study Rooms and booths are closed until further notice.

We are sorry that we currently can’t allow library access for visitors or external borrowers.

Catering facilities 


From 11 January 2020, due to current national restrictions, all catering outlets, except for Rutherford Dining Hall, are closed until further notice.

For those students with Flex credits and those living in Keynes College and Becket Court with a Bed & Bistro catering package, all meals will be served in Rutherford Dining Hall until further notice. Please refer to these opening times and further information.


Although the bar and catering service will be closed, the student hub will remain open for the Parkwood shop and Study Hub.

Library café

The Library Café is closed until further notice.

Oaks nursery

Oaks will be open until 22 December when they close from 13:00. They will open up at 8:00 on 6 January.

Co-op at Main Plaza

The main Kent Union Plaza Co-op will stay closed until further notice, with the Park Wood Co-op remaining open to serve those still on site. You can see the availability of all the Kent Union services on their website.

Tyler Court

The reception is open over the Christmas break.


The University Chaplaincy will continue to be responsive throughout the Christmas period, so please email them at or call/text 07970 438840 if you feel you need additional information or relevant personal support.

For traditional Christmas worship services with Christmas Carols (in person and online) why not explore the programme at Canterbury Cathedral.

Meanwhile, New Life Church is a partly campus-based ministry, led by our Pentecostal Chaplain and is offering online content.

St Thomas’ Catholic Church, Canterbury offers in-person and online services.

Please visit the University Chaplaincy website or email direct on and sign up for their e-newsletter (a special Christmas edition will be sent out on 18 December). In addition, please contact them if you would like to receive a free copy of the booklet ‘Comfort and Joy’ (Christmas prayers and reflections, presented by the Archbishop of Canterbury). This can be delivered to you anywhere on Canterbury campus.

Support for mature, commuting and part-time students

If you are a mature, commuting or part-time student (or a combination) there is plenty of additional support for you and ways to connect with those in a similar position to you. This includes a society that runs as events and study sessions at convenient times if you have other responsibilities (e.g. job and childcare) and a dedicated student network to help get your voice heard.

Mature Student Society

Kent Union has a Mature Student Society with acts as a forum to promote the challenges and needs of students over the age of 21. As well as being for mature students, the society welcomes students returning to education, part-time or a commuting student and students who have dependants or caring responsibilities. The society meets regularly and is a great way to socialise with others students with similar responsibilities and potential interests.

Mature and part-time student network

Kent Union has a number of student networks. The mature and part-time student network aims to represent and act as the voice for all mature, commuting and part-time Students, and to feedback key issues that affect the Mature, Commuting and Part-Time student experience to both the University and Kent Union.

More about support available.

One hour degree logo

Ever thought about a one hour degree?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a degree in a fraction of the time it normally takes? The One Hour Degree game has been produced specifically for students who are about to join or have recently begun their degree journey at Kent.

It is a narrative based adventure game which simulates all the significant elements of gaining a degree condensed into one hour.

This game lets you make choices and see the effects of your actions in many different university scenarios. The story line was however written before COVID-19, so things like social distancing and online lectures haven’t been taken into account. It’s still a valuable resource as it’ll help you get a feel of the vast array of support and advice available to you at Kent that you can still access and it’s something that has not changed.

The One Hour Degree recently won the Guardian University Award 2020 for Digital Innovation so be sure to check it out!

There are five independent ‘quests’ focused on Welcome Week, the first term, the first year, year 2 and year 3.  The game introduces key facilities, support networks and social opportunities that are available at Kent as well as displaying stunning imagery of our parkland campus.

Players will earn ‘knowledge’ and ‘wellbeing’ points along the way as well as a badge for each completed quest. Together they will dictate the classification of the ‘degree’ received at the end before you have the opportunity to be part of your very own graduation video. With more than 100 million unique pathways through the game, you can easily choose a different story path each time to see how different decisions result in different outcomes.

The game does not require a login or user account and can be played by anyone who has access to a web browser, on any device.

Play the One Hour Degree game now.

Get ahead – what you can do before you arrive

Here are some things that you should do before you arrive at Kent.

Arrange your accommodation

At Kent we offer different types of accommodation to suit a variety of needs including a mix of catered and self-catered, sociable and quiet and en-suite and shared facility room options to choose from.

You can apply online now for your accommodation, so as soon as you know your travel plans it’s a good idea to apply as our rooms are   allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you have a question about applying just reach out and contact our Accommodation team.

So you’re ready to arrive look over our Canterbury Arrivals and Medway Arrivals webpages which are full of useful information to help you through the moving in process.

Sort out your finances

You’ll need to get your finances in order before fresher’s week. This may not seem like the most exciting task when preparing for university, but it’s one of the most important. We have put together a Money Timeline that covers everything. If you are staying in campus accommodation also take a look at our ‘how to pay accommodation fees’ page.

Decide what to take

Whether you’re living on our Canterbury campus, in our Medway accommodation or living off campus find out what’s provided at your accommodation to avoid making unnecessary purchases, and check how much storage you’ll have – there’s no point taking things you don’t have the space to keep. We have written a blog post about the items you will need.

Look into your travel options

Railcards offer value for money if you travel by train, saving you at least 1/3 on most rail fares. There are a variety of railcards available from the 16-25 Railcard, 26-30 Railcard and the Family railcard.

Alternatively Stagecoach and Arriva offer UniRider tickets exclusively for students which provides heavily discounted bus travel across all of Kent.

Make sure you are familiar with the Government’s advice on how to travel safely during the pandemic.

Get reading

Many schools put their reading lists online weeks before their courses begin, or will send you the details via email. This will give you an idea of what to expect from your workload, and getting a head start on reading will build your confidence for lectures.

You don’t need to own every book on the list – identify the core texts and buy these. Any others you need will be available to borrow from your university library or to buy from former students for a fraction of their original retail price.

Get to know the area

You can read up on your campus town area by heading to Visit KentKent County CouncilMedway Council and Canterbury Council. Also try resources such as The Student Room who have threads about various student towns.

Learn to cook

Ask for help with making your favourite meals while you’re still at home – you’ll be glad you did once you’re fending for yourself. Student cookbooks, available in bookshops and online, focus on using simple ingredients and cooking on a budget.

Shopping cheaply is easier than you think – Co-op offers a 10% discount to NUS cardholders, and own-brand food from the supermarket is often of the same quality as the more expensive branded alternatives.

But don’t worry if you are still burning toast before you leave, we have lots of catering outlets available across our campuses serving a wide variety of food. We also have a Flex Catering Package you can purchase if you don’t want to worry about anything!


Hello from Library and IT services!

Welcome to Kent’s Library and IT services!

If you’re a new student at Kent, you’ll soon be using the Library, IT systems and study spaces to help you do your work. Here’s what to consider before you arrive on campus.

Activate your IT Account

Before enrolling, you must activate your Kent IT account. When your account is ready to activate, we’ll email you: this will be up to 48 hours after you receive your ‘How to enrol’ message in your KentVision in-tray.

Set up Kent Wi-Fi

To make life easier once you get here, get Wi-Fi-ready before you arrive. You don’t need to be in range of our signal – the setup process is much easier if you do it before you arrive, especially for laptops (or for any devices that rely on Wi-Fi) so don’t wait – follow the set up link below from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Check your tech

You’ll need your own desktop or laptop, which you’ll need to use frequently for your studies: make sure this meets our recommended  minimum specification.

Before you start packing, check that your technology will work on campus. If you’ll struggle to buy or access the required tech, there may be some support available depending on your circumstances.

Bring a network/Ethernet cable for the wired internet in your campus bedroom. Wired internet is fast (as there’s no risk of interference) and you’ll need to use it if you want to connect a TV or games console (they can’t use our Wi-Fi network).

Don’t rush to buy software! 

You can get Microsoft Office 365 and other study-related software for free: find out about our free software for students which is available to you.

Don’t rush to buy books!

Essential texts for modules may change each year, so look at your 2020-21 reading list before buying any subject-related books or resources.

If your lecturer thinks you need your own copy of a book, they will tell you. Most of the resources you’ll need will be available through the Library.

Library and IT support

There’s plenty of help with using our library services, setting up your devices and accessing the IT systems and tools available to you as you get started at Kent.

See our essential Hello Library and IT! guide for all you need as you get started at Kent.

Want to ask us a question?

Contact our IT & Library Support Desk:

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates and tips.