Facilities at Canterbury over Christmas

There are various campus facilities open during the Christmas break.

Templeman Library

From Monday 11 January, Templeman Library’s new opening hours will be:

Mon – Fri 10.00 – 16.00
Sat -Sun closed

Please note that you now don’t need to renew or return any books, including document deliveries, till Friday 26 February inclusive.

The Library Café, Group Study Rooms and booths are closed until further notice.

We are sorry that we currently can’t allow library access for visitors or external borrowers.

Catering facilities 


From 11 January 2020, due to current national restrictions, all catering outlets, except for Rutherford Dining Hall, are closed until further notice.

For those students with Flex credits and those living in Keynes College and Becket Court with a Bed & Bistro catering package, all meals will be served in Rutherford Dining Hall until further notice. Please refer to these opening times and further information.


Although the bar and catering service will be closed, the student hub will remain open for the Parkwood shop and Study Hub.

Library café

The Library Café is closed until further notice.

Oaks nursery

Oaks will be open until 22 December when they close from 13:00. They will open up at 8:00 on 6 January.

Co-op at Main Plaza

The main Kent Union Plaza Co-op will stay closed until further notice, with the Park Wood Co-op remaining open to serve those still on site. You can see the availability of all the Kent Union services on their website.

Tyler Court

The reception is open over the Christmas break.


The University Chaplaincy will continue to be responsive throughout the Christmas period, so please email them at chaplaincy@kent.ac.uk or call/text 07970 438840 if you feel you need additional information or relevant personal support.

For traditional Christmas worship services with Christmas Carols (in person and online) why not explore the programme at Canterbury Cathedral.

Meanwhile, New Life Church is a partly campus-based ministry, led by our Pentecostal Chaplain and is offering online content.

St Thomas’ Catholic Church, Canterbury offers in-person and online services.

Please visit the University Chaplaincy website or email direct on chaplaincy@kent.ac.uk and sign up for their e-newsletter (a special Christmas edition will be sent out on 18 December). In addition, please contact them if you would like to receive a free copy of the booklet ‘Comfort and Joy’ (Christmas prayers and reflections, presented by the Archbishop of Canterbury). This can be delivered to you anywhere on Canterbury campus.