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Got an idea for a multicultural summer event?

Do you or your society want to run a multicultural event that will foster community building in the University?

The WorldFest Bitesize Fund is open for applications for student-led summer events!

If you’re still on campus over the summer, why not turn your event idea into a reality as a part of PG Summer?

Co-funded by Global and Lifelong Learning and Student Services, the Fund offers University of Kent students the chance to apply for a financial award of up to £250 to help run a multicultural event.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year event

Previous events supported by the fund include Diwali, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, Kent African Summit, Newroz, Holi, an African Evening Gala, a Discover Islam event, a Japanese Cultural Festival and a Thai Festival.

Your event can be anything you like, as long as it aims to benefit as wide a part of the University community as possible.

Samba parade of staff and students playing drums

Samba parade

To apply, simply visit the WorldFest Bitesize Fund website to download and complete the application form. You’ll need to explain in the form how the event or activity will foster multicultural learning and community building within the University, as well as how you plan to measure the success of the event.

Then, simply email your completed application to, including as the subject line ‘WorldFest Bitesize Fund Application’.

Group of students smiling at Kent Africa Summit

Kent Africa Summit

All students enrolled at the University are eligible, but applications must be submitted in advance of the event; the fund cannot reimburse events that have already taken place.

Why not apply to the Fund and turn your event idea into a reality? Visit the WorldFest Bitesize Fund page for further details.


Preparing for resits

Hi, I’m Tim from the Student Learning Advisory Service, here with a few hints and tips as you prepare to resit one or more of your exams.

Firstly, stay motivated. The satisfaction of successfully passing your exams awaits you, so stay highly-focussed on reaching this important goal over the coming weeks, and free up as much time as you can to ensure success, perhaps by rescheduling some less important activities.

Consider any feedback that you may have received on your previous exams. What did you not do well enough first time that you can focus on improving for the resit? Perhaps it was your depth of knowledge around a particular topic, or perhaps it was that you failed to include key ingredients in your answer. Identify and use feedback to help you steer your preparation.

Reflect on how you managed the previous exam. Perhaps it was not your lack of knowledge that was problematic, but your exam technique. Perhaps you lost track of time so that you failed to answer all the questions. Perhaps you forgot to plan before writing and ended up getting lost halfway through an answer. Identify and make a note of any potential improvements to your exam technique that you can remember to do, or even practise, for your resit.

Plan and use your time most efficiently between now and your resit. Having identified gaps in your knowledge or aspects of your exam technique that require improvement, draw up a schedule that will address all of these issues in time for the resit. Plot what you need to do on a time planner leading up to the exam. Break each day into one or two hour chunks of study time, each allocated to an achievable goal – be that revising from your notes on a specific topic, practising writing an essay under timed conditions, or committing important facts, formulas or theories to memory.

Remember, too, that your exam is a performance. Although you will want to work very hard between now and your resit to achieve the best possible result, stay fit and well as you do so. Establish a routine that balances your revision with enough sleep, regular breaks, good food and fresh air to keep you in good shape for when you resit the exam.

We also offer a range of events for resitters to help you feel more prepared.

Finally, if you would like a 1-1 with a student learning adviser to discuss revision skills, exam techniques or any of these topics before you resit your exam just book an appointment with an adviser on our Student Learning Advisory Service website, where you will also find printable time planners to help you plot your course to success.

Good luck with your resit.

Miguel and Maureen sat together smiling

Kent Stars – Nurturing Network 

This month’s Kent Stars are the Postgraduate Network, who have organised events to build a strong postgraduate community, persevering to ensure the postgraduate student voice is heard at all levels.

Maureen – “My name is Maureen Bungei, a PG student pursuing an MA in International Relations with International Law. I have been the Postgraduate Network Chair during the academic year 2022/2023 and handed over to Miquel Santos at the end of my term in April 2023. I was also supporting the College and Community Life team as a Resident Life Assistant in creating a community and sense of belonging for students on campus. As a member of the Kent Model UN Society, I have attended several conferences in London and the World Harvard MUN, a global event in Paris, France.”

Miguel – “I am Miguel Santos, a Master’s by Research student in English. I’m the de facto Chair of the Postgraduate Network, taking over from Maureen Bungei. My research focuses on 20th century Anglo-American experimental poetry. I am also a PGR Student Rep for English; the editor-in-chief of the university’s postgraduate, peer reviewed literary journal Litterae Mentis; and a committee member of the Research Salon. I have contributed to the Templeman Library’s ‘100 Years: T.S. Eliot and The Waste Land’ exhibition. I did my undergraduate at Kent as well, where I was involved as Environment Officer and in the Turing College Committee.”

Tell us about the Postgraduate Network and how you are making sure the postgraduate voice is represented at Kent.

Miguel – “The Postgraduate Network is led by postgraduate volunteers and aims to ensure that postgraduates get the most of their time here. We create campaigns and events, representing the voice of the postgraduate community to the university and Kent Union. 

Our committee members include Megan Brown and Nteteawan Bassey-Duke. We’re proud to have a mix of taught and research students, as well as Ntete acting as our Medway representative.  

Our aim is to ensure that the postgraduate experience is as thriving and vibrant as possible. Kent has an incredible postgraduate community who has shown so much support and kindness to me.  

Group of students at PG Network event

Students enjoying a PG Network event

To support the postgraduate voice, we sit at boards and meetings to represent student feedback. In the autumn term, there was a proposed restructuring of Kent Union’s Officer Team. We organised a student feedback session at Jarman Plaza to gather the views of postgraduates. Because the PG community felt this was a step in the wrong direction, we were able to successfully push Kent Union to drop this proposal in January.

We have hosted events, both in Canterbury and Medway, including socials, study meetings, and a hustings session for the Kent Union elections. With the GRC, we co-organise monthly coffee mornings with guests, including Ben Bradley (Kent Union’s VP Postgraduate Experience), Mark Bass (Careers and Employability Service), and Professor Gordon Lynch (Graduate and Researcher College Director).

On a personal note, I’m indebted to the phenomenal work of postgraduates when I was an undergraduate here, particularly Rowena Bicknell and Tom Ritchie, who inspired me to care about the postgraduate community. I hope that our contributions will ensure that people feel part of the community in the same way Rowena and Tom made me feel.”

What advice would you give to other students?

Miguel – “I would encourage anyone to get involved with co-curricular activities, volunteering or representation. Be optimistic that every action you take and every discussion you have will inform your personal development.

I should also highlight the mental health challenges postgraduates face; as such, it is important to remember you are part of a supportive community here.

Finally, while being nominated for a Kent Star means a lot to me, being part of the postgraduate community at Kent means even more. Although awards and recognition are lovely, we care about the postgraduate community simply because it is the right thing to do.”

Students chatting at PG Summer Coffee Morning

PG Summer Coffee Morning.

 – “You have the best time now to take part in co-curricular activities alongside your studies. The university has over 250 clubs and societies where you can take part and nurture your soft skills or sports fitness at your comfort. There are exciting opportunities like student representatives, student ambassadors, and Kent Union Network chairs that will give you an exciting experience that will give you an edge in your CV or interview not forgetting the employability points. Please take them up.

Your health and well-being is the most important aspect of your student experience here at Kent. The university provides academic and wellbeing support services that you are free to utilise and enhance your stay at the university.”

What are your plans for the next year?

Miguel – “The entire Postgraduate Network committee will finish our courses in September; we believe we’ve set a strong foundation for next year’s committee to work closely with the Graduate and Researcher College and Kent Union’s Ben Bradley. The GRC Team and Ben are our biggest supporters!

For myself, I hope to have a job prior to applying for a PhD. I would love to work in higher education in a professional/academic-adjacent role. I’m so grateful for my time at Kent and for all the people who have supported me; I can only hope that my involvement has helped make a difference.”

Students at PG Network event

Students sat together at PG Network event

 – “As I look forward to graduating this July, sadly I might not be here at Kent to oversee the network, but I strongly believe that we as the network committee (Miguel, Ntete, Megan  and I) have done our best and created a sense of belonging for PG community. We hope the next network chair/committee sustains the vibrant community as they will be lucky to work with Ben Bradley who actively supported us during our tenure. Personally, I would be considering doing my PhD sometime later, and the University of Kent definitely has a spot in the top 3.”

Do you know an inspirational student or student group? Let us know.

Learn more about the Kent Stars campaign.

Student on large deck chair

Application deadline extended for Student Content Creator (closed)

Are you an enthusiastic and outgoing Kent student with a flair for creating engaging social media content? Do you have an eye for the latest trends on TikTok and Instagram?  Are you confident on camera?

If so, we’re looking for Student Content Creators just like you to help bring the student experience at Kent to life online.

As a Student Content Creator, you’ll work across our digital channels to produce a wide range of content from Instagram reels and trending TikToks to vlogs and blogs and everything in between.

This is a great opportunity for a student interested in a career in social media as well as Marketing, Advertising, Communications and PR.

View the full job description.

How to apply

To apply, please send a short ‘Day in the life’ video (60 secs max), reel or TikTok. Sharing what your typical day looks like, to give us an idea of what you study, your interests and any extracurricular activities. The more creative the better!

Please note, you will need to be a University of Kent student for the academic year 2023-24.

The closing date for applications is 23.59 hours BST on 25 June 2023 (unless otherwise stated)

Read the full job description and apply.

Medway Gaming Festival 1-2 July

Student volunteers needed: Medway Gaming Festival

1-2 July at the Historic Dockyard Chatham.

In partnership with Medway Council and Fragers, Medway Gaming Festival is back for 2023, promising to be bigger and better than ever before. 80 acres of gaming, cosplaying and family entertainment set against a backdrop of real-life battleships, including HMS CAVALIER of World of Warships fame.

The Medway Gaming Festival are looking for student volunteers to help at the event. Benefits of volunteering include:

  • You get to enjoy the festival for free!
  • Gain show experience and opportunities to get involved in future events across the UK
  • Show T-shirts to keep
  • Networking opportunities
  • Great fun and meet new friends
  • Access to the 18+ exhibitors and staff party.

More information about student volunteering at the Medway Gaming Festival.

Medway Gaming Festival website. 

Group of students from Destination Success Bootcamp

Reflecting on the Destination Success Bootcamp

The Careers and Employability services are dedicated to empowering students and graduates on their career paths, providing you with the tools and guidance necessary to realise your ambitions. Recent events included a 3-day career-boosting workshop, and there are lots more opportunities to follow during the summer and beyond.

Destination Success Bootcamp: Empowering students for a bright future

The recent Destination Success Bootcamp, hosted by Study Plus, provided a three-day training program to enhance students’ employability skills. With 45 participants from diverse university divisions, the bootcamp focused on collaboration, self-awareness, and practical guidance in areas such as CV writing and job interviews.

Participants engaged in thought-provoking sessions on CV writing, job searching, and interview techniques, gaining valuable insights and refining their employability skills.

Missed the bootcamp? Don’t worry!

Study Plus will be offering similar sessions next term, alongside virtual opportunities like the FDM Career Match and bite-sized video workshops.

In the meantime, throughout the summer break the Careers and Employability Service will provide support through virtual or in-person appointments, including Quick Advice and longer Career sessions. Additionally, a range of workshops will be available to support your career development. Log on to the careers portal with your Kent ID to find out more.

Continued support for graduates

Even after graduation, the careers portal remains accessible for up to three years with an alumni account. Find out more about careers support after you graduate.

24/7 career advice

In addition to appointments and workshops, the Careers and Employability Service webpages offer online resources for CV writing, cover letters, and career development advice which you can access any time.

By Susannah Gilbert, Employability Advisor, 12.06.23

National Windrush Mueseum

Free tickets to Windrush 75th Anniversary International Conference

To mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush ship to the British Isles, in conjunction with #Black History 365, the BAME Staff Network are delighted to offer 10 FREE tickets to the Windrush 75th Anniversary International conference on Friday 23 June at the Park Plaza Hotel London.

To acknowledge and recognise the history of Caribbean heritage and the contribution of the Windrush generation, we are excited to be funding FREE conference tickets for five staff* and five full-time students* plus travel expenses. To facilitate attendance from 9am, we are funding travel expenses up to £90PP** to cover higher Peak-time Travel costs.

FREE tickets can be booked via our Eventbrite page

Please direct queries to the or the BAME Staff Network Teams channel.

*Open to University of Kent staff and students on a first come first serve basis.

**Please retain your original proof of travel for reimbursement.

Womxn and non binary gym opening hours

Womxn and non-binary only gym hours

Starting 20 June 2023 Kent Sport will be introducing womxn and non-binary only hours in the gym!  

In collaboration with Kent Union, Kent Sport are supporting the initiative to remove barriers for womxn looking to use the gym and create a non-judgemental space which will motivate and empower womxn to be physically active, giving them the confidence to go into the gym and exercise on their own. 

These sessions start on Tuesday 20 June 2023 and will run weekly at the following times; 

  • Tuesdays between 10:00-12:00 
  • Thursdays between 17:00-19:00

These sessions will be open to all who self-define as women, including those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women. We believe that self-definition is at the sole discretion of the individual in question and as such Kent Sport will inform all members of the detail above and therefore will not challenge those entering the gym during this time. 

These sessions are for access to all areas of the gym at the Sports Centre including the ground floor weights and functional zone, and the cardio area on the first floor. All other facilities including exercise classes and changing areas will remain open and accessible to all during these times.  

*Womxn is an intersectional term intended to signal the inclusion of those who have traditionally been excluded from white feminist discourse: Black women, women of colour, and trans women. 


Windrush boat

Windrush exhibition: call for student contributions

Calling all painters, photographers, writers and artists! 

Are you a hobby artist? Do you love to paint and draw? Are you a photographer or a digital artist? 

Are you proud of your Windrush heritage? 

Did you grow up listening to stories from your parents, grandparents or great grandparents about what life in Britain was like for the sons and daughters of the Windrush? 

Do you want the opportunity to share those memories? 

Get involved in the Windrush exhibition

In honour of the 75th Anniversary of the Windrush Landing, and in preparation for Black History Month 2023, the #Black365 group is asking for students and staff who grew up listening to stories about the Windrush to contribute a piece of art, poetry, writing or video about their thoughts, views and memories of their families relationship with the Windrush, and with post-Windrush Britain. 

It could be an emotion or oral history expressed in paint, a linocut of the view of Tilbury Docks, a digital collage of photo’s, a recipe brought over by your grandparents the lyrics of a lullaby sung to you by your grandparents, a piece of music played at your parent’s wedding, a video of the stories your grandparents told you, absolutely anything that you think helps to embody the significance of the Windrush generation and the ongoing experiences of being Black in Britain throughout the 1950s, 60s 70s and beyond.  

All submissions will form part of an exhibition that will be hosted in Keynes College and online throughout October 2023. Any staff member or student (including those due to graduate in summer 2023) are welcome to contribute to the exhibition.  

Submission requirements

The only requirements are the following 

  • Each piece must be able to be wall hung or be able to be uploaded to a virtual exhibition space 
  • Each piece must reflect either your personal, family, or Black community experience of being part of the Windrush generation 
  • Each piece must be completed by and with us, ready for installation, on Monday 11 September 
  • The artist/contributor should have some personal connection to the Windrush or post-Windrush Britain 

If you have an existing work of art that you feel meets the brief then please feel free to submit that as your piece of art. The University will reimburse up to £20 per person for cost of materials.  

Interested? Get in touch

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Becky Lamyman on for the submission form ASAP or by the 10 July 2023. 

For more information, or if you have any queries, please get in contact with Becky.

Internship experience UK 26-29 June. Apply now

The Internship Experience 2023 – embrace your potential

The Internship Experience UK, organised by the Bright Network, is a transformative virtual four-day event designed to provide students and recent graduates with valuable insights into sectors that interest them and potential career paths. Taking place from the 26-29 June, this immersive internship experience offers participants the opportunity to fast track their careers and gain practical knowledge from industry experts. Here’s what to expect if you apply and are accepted onto the programme.

Day 1: Opening doors to new horizons

The experience starts with a keynote address which will set the stage for the career journey ahead. Participants will then experience informative sessions lead by professionals from diverse industries, including finance, technology, marketing and more. These sessions will provide an in-depth insight into the workings of each sector, offering valuable information about career prospects and necessary skills.

Day 2: Diving into the working world

The second day will immerse participants into the practical aspects of chosen sectors. Interns then break out into groups and enjoy informative sessions led by professionals from the sector they have shown key interest in. There will be tasks which will provide hands-on experience and enable participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Day 3: Networking and personal development

As networking plays a crucial role in career advancement , day three offers the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, build connections and gain valuable insights from their experiences. Workshops and interactive sessions will enable you to enhance your networking skills and allow you to forge meaningful connections.

Day 4: Showcasing skills and future opportunities

The final day of the experience is focused on showcasing skills and exploring future opportunities. Each group will present their work samples to industry professionals, receiving feedback and guidance. You’ll be able to demonstrate your capability and receive valuable insights into potential career paths. The day will conclude with a closing session, celebrating achievements and growth of all interns.

Interested in taking part? Find out more on the Bright Network’s website.