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Fraud warning from Student Loans Company (SLC)

With student loans being paid into your accounts over the coming weeks, please be careful of fraud and phishing scams.

Spotting a phishing email or text is not always easy. We have some advice on the Kent website but SLC have also provided some fraud facts to help at this time:

  1. Check the quality of the communication. Misspelling, poor punctuation and bad grammar are often tell-tale signs of phishing.
  2. Keep an eye out for any emails, phone calls or text messages you think are suspicious, especially around the time you’re expecting a payment.
  3. Scam emails and text messages are often sent in bulk to many people at the same time. They’re unlikely to contain both your first and last name. These commonly start ‘Dear Student’ so be on guard if you see one like this.
  4. ‘Failure to respond in 24 hours will result in your account being closed’ – these types of messages are designed to create a sense of urgency to prompt a quick response.
  5. Think before you click. If you receive an email or text that contains a link you’re not sure of, hover over it to check it goes where it’s supposed to. If you’re still in any doubt, do not risk it. Always go direct to the source rather than following a potentially dangerous link.
  6. Scammers can use a variety of methods to try get students to pay money or share their personal details. These include fraudulent phone calls, social posts and direct messaging on digital platforms. If you’re suspicious, always use official phone numbers, your online account and other official communication channels to verify the contact you received is genuine.
  7. Be mindful of the information you share about yourself on social media and elsewhere online. This will help to guard against identity theft. Identity theft happens when fraudsters get enough information about a person to impersonate them online and over the phone. This can include their name, date of birth, customer reference number, course information and current or previous addresses.
  8. Check out SLC’s guide to identifying a phishing scam for more information.

Please note, whenever your bank details are changed, you’ll receive a text message from Student Finance England to confirm the change. If you have not changed your details but receive a message, you should sign into your online account to review your information. You should also get in contact using an official telephone number as you could be the victim of identity theft. Future payments may be blocked if you do not contact SLC.

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Industrial action

Due an industrial action goodwill payment? Check your emails

If you are due a goodwill payment from us relating to last year’s industrial action, please check your student account for an email from Western Union.

We have partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to deliver the electronic payments to you via the GlobalPay Payee Manager service provided by the Western Union.

GlobalPay Payee Manager is a secure web-based payment service where you will be able to add your contact and bank details for your payment.

What will happen next?  

  • The email is from with a link to complete a ‘Payment Form’ and would have been sent in the last 10 days.
  • The email will confirm a unique reference number which you should quote in case of any queries.
  • It is important that you check your spam folder if you cannot see the email in your inbox .
  • The link in the email is only valid for 10 calendar days from the date of receipt.  

Please see the User Guide to help you complete the Payment Form.

What happens when the Payment Form has been completed?  

  • You will receive onscreen confirmation that your payment request has been submitted.
  • You will also receive email confirmation.
  • Your refund payment will then be initiated and sent to the details provided.

Any incorrect information will cause a delay in payment and could result in your payment being returned with third party bank charges deducted. We recommend having your online banking account at hand to verify your account information.

Please note that to deliver this payment via GlobalPay Payee Manager, we will need to share the following details with the Western Union:

  • Your full name
  • Your student ID
  • Your university email address

If you have any questions about completing the form or the payment process, please contact us at:


KentVision functionality back online

We are pleased to confirm that KentVision is currently running as normal following unprecedented pressures on the system.  

We have now brought all our functionally back online for our staff and students. Thank you for your continued patience while full functionality was restored and apologies for the impact this may have had.


How to view your exam results

When will my results be available?

2022 results release dates can be found on the Student Administration website. You will be contacted via your University of Kent email address when your results are available.

How do I view my results?

Please see our video and text guidance on how to view your results.

What do I do if I think there is an error with my results?

If you believe that there is an error with your results, please contact your Division within 5 working days of receipt of results.

Academic appeals

We strongly encourage you to contact your Division in the first instance to informally resolve any queries before entering the formal appeals process. Please contact your Division within 5 working days of receipt of results or a decision to ensure that the informal process can be completed within the 15 working day deadline to submit a formal appeal.

If your exam results aren’t what you were hoping for, see our blogpost and video for your options and support available.

Full information, including FAQs and contact details, can be found on the academic appeals webpage.

Pride flag with Kent logo and copy 'The University of Kent proudly sponsors Pride Canterbury

Events roundup: 30 May – 5 June

Here’s a roundup of this week’s top events:

This week is your last chance to apply to be a Student Content Creator at Kent. Deadline is 5 June 2022.

Monday: De-stress by visiting owls and trying out Foot Golf

On Monday the Sky Birds of Prey Owls will be visiting the Canterbury campus to help you to de-stress. Head down to the Templeman Lawn on 30 May between 13.00-16.00 to meet the owls and find out more about Nightline.

Are you graduating this year and not sure what’s next? Go along to this online event with our Careers Team to help you make a career action plan on 30 May from 15.00-16.00.

Whether you have finished your exams, or just want a break from revision, give Foot Golf a go at the Sports Centre on Monday at 17.00.

Tuesday: Employee assessment centre and live music

Lots of graduate employers use assessment centres, so go along to this interactive workshop to practise in a stress-free environment and gain valuable feedback.

The Gulbenkian Summer Festival continues Tuesday at 17.00 with live music from local singer/songwriter Jayne Snow taking to the outdoor stage. The event is free to attend and there will be an outdoor bar, homemade pizza, popcorn and more!

Wednesday: Pride Month and a community bike ride

This week sees the start of Pride Month and the University of Kent is proud sponsor of Pride Canterbury and Pride Medway.

As part of the ‘Queerying’ series, there will be an online workshop exploring perspectives of freedom and you will hear from four incredible speakers about the manifestations of freedom in their work, practice, and activism. Register for the event at 15.00 on 1 June.

On Wednesday you can also explore our beautiful Canterbury campus by joining the free College and Community Bike Ride.

Thursday: Guided meditation and fitness class

Postgraduate students are invited to this guided meditation, on 2 June at 17.00, with a focus on health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Join this free Strong Nation fitness class at The Hub in Medway on 2 June at 17.30 to have some fun and get fit.

Weekend: Brunch and lunch

No plans for the weekend? Why not join the Rutherford Lunch Club on Saturday and Brunch at Woody’s on Sunday.

Browse all student events

Student on large deck chair

Job opportunity: become a student content creator at Kent

Our student content creators work with us – the Communications team – to create engaging digital content that brings the student experience at Kent to life.

We’re looking for students that are passionate about all things content from creating Instagram reels to writing blog posts and vlogging about all the things that make Kent great.

So if you’re a confident and enthusiastic student that wants to help share Kent’s story this could be the role for you!

View the full job description.

How to apply 

We’re recruiting right now and it couldn’t be easier to apply. 

All you need to do is share your CV and a video (one minute max) introducing yourself and what you’re passionate about. We recommend adding your video to YouTube and then sending us the web link to view.

We’d love to see examples that link to your time at Kent, for example:

  • why you choose to study at Kent
  • a project you’ve worked on as part of your course
  • a society you’re part of or have set up
  • championing sustainability or social justice on campus
  • student life at Kent
  • ideas you have about the kind of content you’d like to produce

Please note, you will need to be a University of Kent student for the academic year 2022-23.

The closing date for applications is 23.59 hours BST on Sunday 05 June 2022 (unless otherwise stated)

Read the full job description and apply.

Challenging racism artwork

Take the Race Equality Charter Student Survey for chance to win one of three £50 gift vouchers

We are committed to addressing racial inequalities and creating an inclusive culture and environment at Kent where individuals can thrive, irrespective of their race or ethnicity.

To help facilitate progress, we are currently working towards an application for Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter.

We want to hear your views on studying at the University of Kent and whether you think there is anything we can do to eradicate racial discrimination and advance race equality.

Take the survey by 17 June and you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three £50 gift vouchers.

The survey takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete and you will help shape the University’s anti-racism strategy.

Find out more and take the Race Equality Charter Student Survey >


Ready to start building your digital skills?

Your Digital Pathway is a new, free digital skills course from Santander in
collaboration with the Institute of Coding, and the award winning
TechUP initiative based at Durham University.

With 50,000 places available, the course is designed to help if you want
to take the first step on the pathway to building your digital skills, and
can support you to:

  • Return to, or start education
  • Return to or start work, or to pivot your career
  • Set up a business online

We know that everyone has a different digital skills starting point.

The course is taught at an introductory level and includes up to 8 hours
of content which can be completed in your own time, and at your
own pace.

Everyone who completes the course will receive a certificate of
achievement and will also be entered into a prize draw for the chance
to win one of 88 Santander grants worth up to £2,500 (T&Cs apply),
available to use on the tailored Santander Aspire webstore to purchase
a range of items including laptops, tablets and Chromebooks.

Registration for Your Digital Pathway is now open and applications
close on 29 June 2022.

Find out more about the course and how to apply.

Challenging Racism project update

Update from Leroy | Race Equality Charter Co-ordinator

Since our last update the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Team has been working on our Race Equality Charter (REC) and at the end of 2021, introduced our Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment (RECSAT) Team to analyse its data.

Here’s more information about the Race Equality Charter and the work being done by the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team:

What is the REC?

The Race Equality Charter (REC) is an AdvanceHE charter mark focussed at Higher Education (HE) institutions reflecting and tackling race inequality. It follows fairly similar principles to AthenaSWAN with the exception that its focus is ethnicity rather than gender. It asks us as an institution to set up a Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team (RECSAT).

What is RECSAT?

The Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team (RECSAT), is the committee involved in analysing our application, commenting and critiquing on data.

We established the RECSAT in December 2021 and since then it has had two full meetings and they have been discussing topics such as the University’s wider EDI work alongside how we go about fulfilling REC requirements.

Outcome from the RECSAT meetings

The RECSAT decided to continue to use the term racially minoritised in Kent. While we know that the term racially minoritised isn’t perfect, we all acknowledge the problems the term Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) brings, especially how it excludes some minoritised communities and homogenises others.

As set out in the Antiracism Strategy; racially minoritised is a term increasingly used in EDI work as an alternative to BAME as it highlights the social construction of racial categorisation. However, the term racially minoritised also has limitations:

  • it could be perceived as passive and limiting in terms of individual agency
  • it also risks homogenising the experience of individuals and communities who experience racism in different ways.

The term is used here fully aware of these limitations but in acknowledgement that there is no consensus on a new national preferred terminology as of yet.

Where we classify racially minoritised and we as an institution support racially minoritised individuals, there may be a mismatch in support from external providers and we are looking to see how we can do that effectively.

We would encourage staff and students to talk to RECSAT members so that thoughts and opinions can enhance meetings. We would ask however to respect that the individuals are students and full time staff and may also have a lot of things on their plate alongside the vital work they are doing in the REC.

One of the other key things that our RECSAT emphasised in their previous meetings, is the importance of making spaces and mechanisms with proper throughput of lived experiences of staff and students. Members stressed the importance of listening and discussing these things and not losing the spaces that provide them, as well as ensuring what’s heard is acted upon and taken up with feedback and progress.

Discussions of the things that come out of RECSAT meetings will form part of the REC action plan as well.

The EDI Team has been working on our REC application with the input of the RECSAT and staff around the institution.

How you can get involved

If you’re a group of staff, a student network, Divisional EDI team, a person who wants to know more, get involved or mention something to us, do get in touch.

There are some quick and easy things you can do:

  • Have open discussions about EDI between yourselves and your Divisional/Departmental EDI teams. The more we talk, the more we can listen, the more we can improve. Those things can feed into the REC process and our EDI forum.
  • Ensure you’ve got your demographic information complete as possible and up to date on StaffConnect. We need to ensure we have as complete a picture as possible when we do our work to make sure it has the widest impact.

There are resources in Kent and across the board that can help you get started, enhance what you know with some intersectionality in Kent:

Progress on student demands

Throughout the REC and antiracism work we have been doing we are keeping a close eye on the student demands and what we can do to take more action on them.

Kent made its Antiracism Strategy in response to student demands as well as to incorporate the University’s commitment to being an antiracist institution. An action plan to that strategy is being made as part of our REC submission process to push the progress in a positive direction with meaningful accountability.

We are setting up a Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Group. The group will include staff and students and look at potentially being an independent panel having no senior management involved in the processes.

The excellent survey made by the BAME staff network is entering its next phase. Big shout out to the network co-chairs for the amazing piece of work they are continuing.

Other institutional progress

Kent has signed up to StellarHE Executive Development Programme for Diverse Leaders (BAME) in Higher Education. It is aimed at academic and professional staff aspiring to senior leadership positions in Higher Education and we have submitted our first round of staff to the programme.