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Join Kent’s New Mentoring Scheme: Celebrating Mentoring Month

January marks Mentoring Month, and there’s no better time to invest in your personal and professional growth. If you’re a student looking to make strides in your academic and career goals, sign up for the Career Mentoring Scheme, which partners students with alumni who work in their chosen industry or sector.

By participating in the mentoring scheme, you’ll gain a unique perspective on your chosen profession, develop key skills and knowledge, and prepare for life after graduation.

You can take part in the programme for one or two terms, depending on your needs and availability. The programme is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, with applications accepted throughout the year.

The Career Mentoring Scheme is an excellent opportunity to build your professional network, connect with alumni in your field, and receive valuable advice and guidance. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your career journey and apply today!

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Enhance Your Academic Skills with Upcoming Workshops

Are you looking to improve your academic skills and make your studying life easier and more productive? Maybe you’re curious about using Assistive Technology apps to study smarter but not sure which to try or how to go about it…

Student Support and Wellbeing, in partnership with SLAS (Student Learning Advisory Service) are offering a series of informative and engaging workshops to help you achieve just that. From time management and wellbeing to creative note-taking and mind mapping for assignments, these workshops are designed to empower you with the tools and techniques you need to succeed. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events to upskill you this term, all taking place between 2-3pm on the Canterbury campus:

1. Time Management and Wellbeing on 18 Oct

2-3pm in Keynes Seminar Room 6

Are you struggling to balance your academic commitments and personal life? Join us on October 18th for a workshop on Time Management and Wellbeing. In this session, you’ll learn effective strategies to manage your time efficiently while maintaining your overall well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your productivity and reduce stress.

2. Creative Note-taking on 8 Nov

2-3pm in Keynes Seminar Room 6

Taking notes is a crucial part of the learning process, but traditional note-taking methods may not work for everyone. On November 1st, attend our Creative Note-taking workshop to discover innovative techniques and assistive software skills that will make your note-taking more engaging and effective. This workshop will help you capture information in a way that suits your learning style.

3. Mind Maps for assignments on 29 Nov

Are you tired of writing lengthy outlines for your assignments? Join us on November 29th for the Mind Maps for Assignments workshop. Learn how to create visually appealing and organized mind maps that can serve as a powerful tool for brainstorming, organizing ideas, and improving your assignment planning process. This workshop will help you take your assignments to the next level.

To register for these workshops and secure your free place, click on the provided link above, and you’ll be emailed a confirmation of your place and the workshop location. If you have any access needs, or questions about the workshops, get in touch with us at

Look out for more on accessible information and assistive technology on Instagram @UniKentSSW, #InclusiveKent.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your academic skills and succeed in your studies. We look forward to seeing you there!