How to stay safe on campus

We have some tips on how to stay safe on campus over the Christmas period while still
enjoying the festivities.


Due to COVID it is imperative that you follow the government guidelines:

  • Hands – please keep your hands clean.
  • Face – wear a face covering inside University buildings and where social distancing can’t be maintained. There are exemptions for a number of health and other reasons, please be respectful of those who are unable to wear a face covering.
  • Space – remember to socially distance from others.
  • Test – if you display any symptoms that could indicate Covid-19, self-isolate immediately, get tested, and let the right people know. Please read our procedure if experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been advised to self-isolate.

We have some more tips on COVID and how to stay safe. 

Personal safety

Your personal safety is important to us. If you are out on your own at night here are some tips:

  • If on campus, use our night-time walking taxi service by contacting Campus Security
  • Get a registered taxi – save some money for the end of the night, so you can be brought straight home – it’s much safer and easier
  • Get the night bus, the Uni2. Stagecoach provides a night bus and the route includes campus colleges and the local area.
  • Get a free personal safety alarm from Campus Security
  • Keep your valuables hidden – cover-up expensive looking jewellery, mobiles, keys, cash and cards
  • Stick to well-lit and busy areas. Avoid car parks and underpasses
  • Stay alert – don’t walk home on the phone or listening to music

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Celebrating safely

The festive period is all about being merry but do exercise caution.

  • Don’t leave your drink unattended
  • Never accept a drink from a stranger or someone you don’t trust
  • If you feel ill, slightly drunk or wasted when you know you shouldn’t, your drink could have been spiked. If so, tell someone you trust and get to a safe place

Campus Security staff are on duty 24/7 and can be contacted on 01227 823333.

We have some tips on how to be merry and safe. 

Free SafeZone app

The free SafeZone app gives you quick access to emergency services, first aid and the University.