New Studio 3 gallery exhibition

New Studio 3 exhibition: ‘AI and I’

The School of Art’s Studio 3 Gallery has launched a new exhibition this month, entitled ‘AI and I’.

The exhibition will run until the Thursday 20 February 2020 and the gallery is open Monday to Friday, from 10.00 – 17.00.

The exhibition has been curated by Alice C. Helliwell, who is currently on the PhD in the History and Philosophy of Art, and Studio 3 Gallery curator Dr Eleen M Deprez, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The exhibition is an experiment: using works from the Kent Print Collection, the exhibition explores how AI can facilitate curating and enhance the visitor’s experience of art.

AI broadly refers to technologies that create intelligence in a computational machine. Some AI recreates human behaviour (such as writing a text or identifying objects in a picture). Others aim to go beyond our human capabilities, avoiding human error. AI has an increasingly wide application, from face recognition on social media, to voice assistants Siri and Alexa. In the arts, people are developing AI that can identify, evaluate and create artworks.

The exhibition explores these possibilities by utilising a number of AI technologies. AI was used to help select, design, interpret and describe the works on display. Google Vision API suggested how works could be displayed together and EyeEm helped inform which works were aesthetically pleasing. AI looked carefully at the various portraits in the collection and suggested matching faces in other works of art. GPT-2 wrote short narratives based on the works. The ‘AI and YOU’ section of the display is designed to encourage you to try out some of the technologies yourself.

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