Current exhibition: Wombinescent

Emma Robdale: Wombinescent 27th September to 9th October
Final day Saturday 9th October – 9am-3pm

The vagina/womb, its ovarian structure, and menstruation are generally only witnessed in clinical settings, such as anatomical diagrams or ultrasounds, they are rarely considered to be bodily entities in and off themselves, separate from sex or birth…

Wombinessent invites you to celebrate their aesthetics in more natural surroundings which help build fluid, less clinical perspectives.


The world is too phallic! I’ve tried to create artwork that gives a more ‘gynocentric’ outlook upon our universe. Though the penis is more externally obvious, the vagina, womb, fallopian tubes, and ovarian structures have a vast range of symbolic and imaginative scope. After visiting the Vagina Museum, I found that I began to see gynocentric structures all around me… 43 to be exact!

Gynocentric genitalia, is still, now, in the 21st century, in the UK, shrouded with mystery, confusion and uncertainty… one of my desires for this exhibit is for my illustrations to go some way to enhancing conversations, and to encourage people to feel more positive about their anatomy… bringing these topics into the moonlight.

Note: this event has made steps to be inclusive of marginalized genders regarding its language, approach and ethos. – Additionally, all speakers at this event identify as Neurodivergent.