Studio 3 Gallery, part of the School of Arts at the University of Kent, presents an outstanding programme of art exhibitions and events open to the public. In addition to enhancing the cultural experience at the University’s Canterbury campus, the Gallery aims to:

  • give opportunities to students throughout the University, the School of Arts, and especially in History of Art, to develop their learning, graduate skills and employability, by actively involving them in all aspects of the Gallery’s operation;
  • widen access to the arts and higher education in Kent, through a programme of outreach to schools and colleges; and,
  • engage alumni of the School and the wider University, inviting and encouraging them to participate in its activities.

Since its opening, Studio 3 Gallery has developed an innovative programme of exhibitions that combines art historical scholarship and cutting-edge contemporary art, working with leading artists like Ana Maria Pacheco, Laure Prouvost, Art & Language, John Blackburn and Paul Coldwell.

The Studio 3 Gallery logo has been designed by Atakan Akçalı following his semester studying Film Studies at the University of Kent as part of the Erasmus Programme. For more examples of his design work, please visit his website.

If you would like to hold an exhibition or event at the gallery, or have any other queries, please contact Dr Catherine Hahn,  Administrator of Studio 3 Gallery and Lecturer in Art History at Kent c.hahn@kent.ac.uk