Identification Please!

Identification Please! Ruptures, Boundaries and Divisions

July 9 – September 12 2014

Studio 3 Gallery was thrilled to present Identification Please!, an exhibition of print and video work exploring contemporary issues of place, information and identity. This is an exhibition conceived in two parts, each one showcasing the talents of The University of Kent’s students.

Three exceptional video works from 2014 graduates of the School of Music and Fine Art’s Undergraduate Fine Art programme were selected as a starting point for this show. These works by Sophie Dixon, Benjamin King and Ryan Kwok combined insightful, moving and at times, hilarious narratives with arresting and surprising visual imagery.

To accompany these pieces, students in the School of Arts’ newly-created MA in Curating programme were asked to select works from the Kent Print Collection that responded to the themes and ideas presented in the videos. This was no mean feat given the divergent territories and approaches evident in the works of the Fine Art students. However, the Curating students drew out unifying themes and selected a compelling and diverse range of prints to complement their colleagues’ pieces including works by Art & Language, William Hogarth, Chris Orr, Maggi Hambling, John Stezaker, Gavin Turk and Anne Desmet.

For more information about these featured artists, visit their websites: