Upcoming Programme




Leading Light

27 September – 12 November

Leading Light brings together recent works by international artists and photographers. The exhibition presents experimental ways of image-making and examines the exploitation of the photographic process. 


David Claerbout, Elias Heuninck, Junko Theresa Mikuriya, Chloe Sells, Eva Stenram, Maarten Vanvolsem, and Corinne Vionnet


18-22 November 

Students from the Costume and Fashion module will be staging a fashion show in Studio 3 Gallery, displaying “the art that can be worn”. 

More is Many

25-29 November 

An exciting display of the photographic works made by students taking the ART523 module, Contexts of Practice.

Curator: Dr Jonathan Friday

Derek’s Room

2-6 December

Our very first open submission exhibition! A display of the creative talent brewing at the University of Kent and beyond. Interested artists are asked to submit a digital portfolio by 8 November, shortlisted artists will then be invited to present their work to the jury at the end of November. More details will be availble on our website.

Curator: Dr Eleen M Deprez

Live Art Laboratory 

11-13 December 

A three day festival of live art and experimental per- formance in the Studio 3 Gallery and other locations across the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent.

Curator: Dr Shaun May
More information: liveartlaboratory.wordpress.com