Events and Highlights


Dec 23- Jan 24 Women Artists Jarman Building

A fantastic exhibition by first year Art History students on the Women Artists module. Diverse artists offered inspiration for moving student work.

Ari Kamara, You have eclipsed yourself – inspired by Lois Mailou Jones 2023

Hannah Alsford,  ‘In Response to Berthe Morisot and how Women’s Spaces have evolved with Time’ 2023

The students curating Women Artists  chose to include ‘work in the rough’ giving the audience powerful insights into their process of creation.

Ten minute sketches of women artists 2023



April-May 2023 Where Are You From, From? Black British Culture in Print 1800s-Now

This brilliant, thought-provoking, multi-layered exhibition,  included work by Sonia Boyce, Tam Joseph, Kamlah Kew and Yvadney Davis, curated by 2nd and 3rd year UG Art History students. You can see the artworks and find out more about the show here : whereareyoufromfrom | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

April 2023 John Wills – GAmerica: Explorations of the Pixel Frontier

Since the inception of the digital age, computer programmers have transformed the American experience into interactive entertainment, turning all kinds of U.S history, culture and politics into entertainment and play. Featuring a mixture of curated posters, digital art, and playable machines, GAmerica catalogued America as depicted in modern video games. Visitors played the vintage titles and considered the implication of GAmerica.

Dec 22-Jan 2023 Women Artists

Honor Roberts, Responding to Jenny Saville 2022

Wonderful work by First year Art History students inspired by women and non-binary artists. Some students took inspiration directly from a single artist. Others used the work of many artists as a springboard for creation. Students responded to the works through image, audio, touch and text.

Visitors to Women Artists, Studio 3 Gallery

Aug-Sept 2022 Keith Robinson – Younome

Keith Robinson, a renowned portrait artist,  produced 25 portraits representing the 24 human chromosomes (plus mitochondria DNA) by altering his self-image. YouNome is a unique science-art collaboration designed to engage, educate and inspire the general public about ‘personalised genomics’.

April -May 2022 Moyra Derby ‘room plan’

Moyra Derby’s site-responsive exhibition called for hands-on engagement.

Dec 21 -March 22 Exhibition: Invisible Squares

March 2022 #Earbox Event, String Sinfonia

Feb 2022 Curating Art History 

Tactile workshop inspired by David Medalla’s A Stitch in Time

August 2021 Exhibition: Playing A/Part – WOW Welcome to Our World

WOW  showcased objects, masks, light, sound, installations etc. that awesome autistic girls from Kent and Surrey created in the Playing A/Part project.

Other events

If you would like to hold an exhibition or event at the gallery, or have any other queries, please contact Dr Catherine Hahn,  Administrator of Studio 3 Gallery and Lecturer in Art History at Kent