Events and Highlights

Highlights from recent activities and events. For details on exhibitions see the Past Exhibitions section.


Dec 22-Jan 2023 Women Artists

Honor Roberts, Responding to Jenny Saville 2022

We would like to thank all those involved in the hugely successful UG Women Artists exhibition December 2022-January 2023. 

Wonderful work by First year Art History students inspired by women and non-binary artists.

Some students took inspiration directly from a single artist. Others used the work of many artists as a springboard for creation. Students responded to the works through image, audio, touch and text.

Laura Field Gentileschi’s Theatre 2022

Visitors to Women Artists, Studio 3 Gallery

Aug-Sept 2022 Keith Robinson – Younome

Keith Robinson, a renowned portrait artist,  produced 25 portraits representing the 24 human chromosomes (plus mitochondria DNA) by altering his self-image. YouNome is a unique science-art collaboration designed to engage, educate and inspire the general public about ‘personalised genomics’.

April to May 2022 

Hands-on engagement in Moyra Derby ‘room plan’

Dec 21 to March 22 Exhibition: Invisible Squares

March 2022 #Earbox Event, String Sinfonia

Feb 2022 Curating Art History 

Tactile workshop inspired by David Medalla’s A Stitch in Time

August 2021 Exhibition: Playing A/Part – WOW Welcome to Our World

WOW  showcased objects, masks, light, sound, installations etc. that awesome autistic girls from Kent and Surrey created in the Playing A/Part project.

July 2021 Exhibition: Sophie Colclough – Xenas-Zaftig 

Sophie Colclough’s experimental touch installation rewrites the mythology of the feminine divine.

Using materials such as crystal, velvet, moss, seaweed, bone and clay, the poet externalises trauma from the body and gives access to the softest recesses of reproductive organs.

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