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Don’t miss out: there’s still time to do a Study Plus course

Study Plus courses run throughout the term, with several taking place or starting during Enhancement Week (Week 19). They enable you to learn about subjects that interest you and  gain new skills.

KE024-Talking Cultures helps increase your awareness of cultural differences.Thinking about learning Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin or Russian? Try a taster session (KE181, KE181, KE183, KE184)

Put your ideas in to action with Screenwriting (KE087). Dirty History (KE004,) looks at the Medieval period as portrayed on film and TV and King Arthur at the Movies (KE195) focusses on Arthuriana in film.

Spend time in the woods, learning about crafts such as Coppicing (KE060) and Making a Brash Fence (KE161). Learn how to fell a tree with KE193 .Not only will you learn useful skills, but you will benefit from being outdoors and connecting with nature.

KE201- Vampires of the Fin-de-Siècle, examines the vampire myth as explored by writers of the nineteenth century. KE149 (Let’s Talk About Art), KE202 (Art and Politics) and KE203 (Art and Society) introduce you to art history, exploring the interaction of art and politics and the artist’s role in society. All start in Week 19.

KE095 Communicate with Confidence starts in Week 19, with a second session in Week 20.

KE122 Digital Photography is back during Weeks 19-23.

Prepare for an IELTS English language test with KE178 during Weeks 19-23.

KE097 Meditation for Study, Work and Life will introduce you to different techniques, such as mindfulness. Learn about Taoism with KE145.

If you are interested in Chinese Medicine, join KE171.

You can sign up for all of these courses in SDS workshop:

To see the full range of courses running this term, see the Study Plus website