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Testing out a theory


Moving Memory to perform ‘Love Grows’

Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company, created by Sian Stevenson, Senior Tutor and Lecturer in Drama and Theatre in the School of Arts, will be performing ‘Love Grows’ at The Gulbenkian, the University’s on-campus commercial cinema and theatre, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August 2019. The performance is part of the bOing! Family festival 2019.

The show will celebrate love between generations, telling stories of love and friendship which emerged during a series of workshops that have taken place across Kent with four primary schools and four older peoples’ settings. It will feature a combination of dance and a digital installation, bringing together an inter-generational company that will groove its moves promenade style through the festival goers at four points during the day.

‘Love Grows’ will be the second show on an ongoing project, ‘Still Stomping’, developed in partnership with Gulbenkian, Canterbury and Kent County Council, and with funding from the Baring Foundation and Arts Council England’s Celebrating Age scheme.

Moving Memory has built a reputation for creating bespoke projects that offer older people high-quality, creative, movement-led opportunities focusing on animating the stories of the everyday via movement, music, spoken word and digital forms. Their work is targeted primarily at the older generation but from the outset they have worked with younger people as performers, performance assistants, stage managers, digital artists, and filmmakers.

Tickets to the show are free; details of times can be found here.

Further details for the bOing! festival can be found here.


Nostalgia podcast with Fran Beaton

In the latest episode of the Nostalgia podcast series, Dr Chris Deacy, Reader in Theology and Religious Studies in the Department of Religious Studies, speaks to Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Fran Beaton.

We learn that Fran was brought up in East Anglia and that there was a strong Welsh dimension to her childhood. The pair talk about the extent to which childhood memories are composite in form and about the change of culture in 30 years around ‘stranger danger’.

Chris and Fran go on to talk about how Kent has changed over the years; different styles of writing; Benjamin Britten operas; what happens when things on wrong on stage at the theatre; travelling on her year abroad; becoming a teacher educator; the value of doing a PGCHE; the EEC and CND; the role of politics in shaping our lives; and gathering around the JCR to watch ‘Monty Python’. They also unpack some of the baggage around nostalgia and the notion of ‘developing resilience’.

Buddy Scheme

Join the Kent Union Buddy Scheme

University can be the best time of your life, but sometimes we all need a little helping hand.

The Buddy Scheme is a peer to peer non-academic support scheme co-ordinated by Kent Union that helps students through university life at Kent.

Buddy Volunteers act as a ‘go to’ for students who have worries or questions about the University or University life.

The Buddy Scheme runs lots of regular events and trips and also signposts to other activities on offer across the Union, University and Student Groups.

Our Buddy volunteers are here for you! Sign up here!

Entrance to the Drill Hall Library in the sunshine

Sexual Assault Responders required for Medway Campus

Student Support and Wellbeing are looking to recruit staff to the Sexual Assault Responder (SAR) team at Medway.

The role of the Sexual Assault Responder is to provide immediate support to victims of serious sexual assault or rape at the Canterbury and Medway campuses out of hours (between 17.00 and 9.00) and at weekends. Currently we are only recruiting SARs for the Medway Campus.

Full training is provided, and SARs operate on a rota system. The role is to provide advice and guidance to victims of serious sexual assault or rape with regards to aftercare support procedures. The role is NOT a counselling role.

SARs receive a £100 remuneration for joining the team and completing the training, and receive £70 for the first hour of a call out, with time and a half for subsequent hours. Any transport costs are also reimbursed.

A Sexual Assault Responder must meet the following criteria:

•       Be a University of Kent member of staff

•       Be able to access the University of Kent Medway campuses within 45 minutes of receiving a phone call from Campus Security out of hours (considering the accessibility of a staff member’s usual mode of transportation when accessing the University)

•       Attend a training session

•       Have the permission of their line manager to register for the role of SAR.

For more information, to request a role description, or to express an interest in becoming a SAR, please contact Becky Wyatt in Student Support and Wellbeing rfw@kent.ac.uk .

Cartoon speech bubbles with different languages for "hello" and "goodbye"

Brush up your language skills or learn British Sign Language

Kent staff are eligible for reduced fees on the eight ‘Language Express’ world language courses run by the Centre for English and World Languages.  You can choose from Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian or Spanish at Canterbury, or French and Japanese at Medway.

The fees for staff are £269 for 40 hours of classes during the autumn and spring terms. Courses start in October and most classes take place in the evening.

As a member of staff, you can apply for 50% funding towards the course fees, whether or not the language studied is relevant to your role at the University. You may be awarded 100% funding if the language studied is directly linked to your current role.  Please apply for funding via Learning and Organisational Development

CEWL also offers Level One  and Level Two British Sign Language courses. The fees are £458 and £680.  Please note that the funding does not apply to these two courses.

Find out more and book your place on the CEWL website

Staff from Kent Hospitality holding their TUCO award infront of the University of Kent sign

Success at TUCO Awards for Kent Hospitality

Congratulations are in order for the catering team at Kent Hospitality as they were awarded the prestigious ‘Member of the Year’ Award at the 2019 TUCO (The University Caterers’ Organisation) Annual Conference earlier this month, held at the University of York.

The award recognises the institution that has made the most significant contribution to the work of TUCO with Kent praised for their support of framework agreements, attendance at events, training courses, tender working parties and other activities. The other two shortlisted Institutions were the University of Manchester and the University of St Andrews.

Head of Trading, Keith Williams said on the win: ‘Our team are delighted to have won this award reflecting the efforts put in to bring a quality service to Kent. We have played at active role in TUCO over the last few decades, recognising it as the perfect platform to benchmark against competitors, train and develop our team and benefit from leading market research and trend data by remaining up to date on industry standards and contributing to the work of TUCO. To have this recognised is a great honour.’

TUCO is the leading professional membership body for in-house caterers operating in the higher, further education and public sector. They are committed to advancing the learning and development of catering and hospitality teams, and work to provide quality standards, advice and information to those working in in-house catering.

Clearing call centre

Thank you!

Thank you to the hundreds of staff who took the time yesterday to call the Clearing hotline to help with the stress testing needed to ensure that we were fully functional in time for this morning’s Clearing activities.

Although we offer our applicants a web-first approach, we receive calls to the hotline not just from applicants, but from prospective students asking about a wide range of issues ,from grade outcomes to accommodation, and from those wanting reassurance about their offer of a place.

Thanks to the efforts of staff, and those of the specialist teams in EMS, IS and Estates, we opened the hotline at 07.00 today (Thursday 15 August) confident that it would be able to handle the volume of calls we are expecting.

A special thanks also to the hotline operators, a team of 60 students, for all their hard work in testing the hotline.

The dominant infant microbiota member Bifidobacterium

Wain Medal Lecture 2019

Harnessing our microbial ‘Guardians of the Gut’ is the title of the Wain Medal Lecture 2019, on Wednesday 30 October at 17.00. The lecture will be given by Dr Lindsay J Hall, Microbiome Group Leader & Wellcome Trust Investigator for Norwich-based Quadram Institute Bioscience.

The human microbiome has emerged as a central player in human health and wellbeing; modulating our immune system, providing resistance to pathogenic microbes, and helping to digest the food that we eat. Importantly, birth and the first 1000 days represents a critical developmental window in which microbes and their human host ‘communicate’, laying the foundations for lifelong health.

It is now recognised that disturbing this fledgling microbial ecosystem has both short- and long-term consequences such as increased risk of infection, allergy, and chronic inflammatory diseases. Thus, understanding the factors that modulate the microbiome during the first stages of life, during pregnancy, and in infancy, is a key research focus.

In this Wain Medal lecture, Dr Hall will discuss the important roles the microbiome plays, particularly during early life, including recent clinical work relating to beneficially modulating the preterm infant microbiome, and our mechanistic studies using model systems to determine mode-of-action for specific microbiota members (ie Bifidobacterium), with a key focus on developing novel live biotherapeutics for improving infant health.

The lecture will take place in Woolf Lecture Theatre on Canterbury campus. Admission is free and open to all.

Picture shows: The dominant infant microbiota member Bifidobacterium.

Japan Festival

Japan Festival 14 August

Come and have a go at Japanese crafts and meet students from Kobe, Kogakkan and Musashino at our free event on 14 August.

You will be able to try your hand at a range of traditional Japanese arts and crafts, such as calligraphy and origami. The event takes place at the Centre for English and World Languages in the Chipperfield atrium from 5pm-6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome!

Link to venue on campus map.

Kent Sports

Running Workshop 2019

On Saturday 31 August 10am to 1pm, the Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic would like to invite members, non-members and local runners to the fifth informative running workshop. In this workshop, we will be looking at strength and conditioning.

The workshop will be split in to two sessions:

  • First session: We will re-visit running drills as there is always room for improvement.
  • Second session: We will look at strength training exercises to improve running performance and reduce risk of injury. For those who wish to practise with weights, this will be available too.

Where: The Pavilion, University of Kent, Canterbury campus, CT2 7SR.

Who: Open to members and non-members. All abilities welcome.

Cost: £10 per person with complimentary tea and coffee on arrival and £5 off your next sports massage or physiotherapy session.

Payment: Must be made before the event by visiting reception at the Sports Centre or the Pavilion.

To register: Either email your application form to: physio@kent.ac.uk or mail / drop it off to the Physiotherapy Clinic.

What to bring: Running gear if you would like to complete parkrun first, plus additional running attire that is both comfortable to sit in during the lecture and then straight into the practical elements.

For more information, please visit our Website.