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They met in Marley Court…

It seems like only yesterday when I met my future amazing wife Philippa (nee Swaby K84)  in a Marley Court kitchen but the reality is that it was a long, long time ago way back in the autumn of 1987, the day after “the Great Storm”. Next week we will be celebrating 26 years of marriage.

She was a housemate of a friend of mine and I was living in Thornden Court with four other friends from my second year. Amazingly, two of these, Simon Field (R85) and Ian Dewing (R85) also went on to marry partners they met at Kent. Another friend of mine, Lawrence Gold (K85) also married a Kent graduate, Donna Glasscock (K85).

We have been living in Perth, Australia for the past 13 years and are now Australian citizens. In 2013 we made it back to Kent for a 25 year post graduation reunion with my housemates from Thornden Court. I’ve attached a few photos taken of my family at the time. Henry will be 13 next month and Bronagh 11. Bronagh’s name is partially an acknowledgement of my Irish ancestry but  the idea from the name came from a Bronagh I met during my third year at Kent. I was struck by what an amazingly lovely name she had which stuck in my mind over the years.

During our visit we also went out to the house Philippa rented over the 1985/86 academic year. As she walked up the road towards the house she recognised her original landlord and landlady who were preparing the house to rent to new students that coming academic year. You could not make that up!

Help students through the Work-Study scheme

Kent students need you!

As a former student, you might well remember how challenging it was to get those first steps on the career ladder.  In today’s competitive job market, we’re doing all that we can to give Kent students the skills they need to get ahead – and you might be able to help!

We’re looking for companies who can offer graduate-level internships to students, enhancing their skills and providing you with a hard-working and well supported student.  The scheme is matched funded, with the University contributing £1,000 to match pay from the employer for the placement.

All students taking part are provided with a series of training activities designed to make them work-ready, ensuring that they are able to meet the requirements of the companies employing them. They are mentored throughout the application and interview process, and whilst working.

Internships should comprise around 200 hours of activity and be undertaken at times to be agreed between the employer and student.  Examples of previous roles include research, marketing & social media, events organising, finance and administration positions.

Whether you have a start-up looking for some extra resource, or think this might be the perfect opportunity for your employer, you can find more information about the The Work-Study Scheme from Jen Davey or Hannah Greer in the Careers & Employability Service on 01227 816573 or email