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Love at Mungo’s

Halloween in America is a big deal; which is why Sarah Whiting, a post-graduate business student from  San Diego California, made sure she and her friends attended Mungo’s Massive Halloween party. Dressed as a black cat, Sarah accidentally bumped into Jonathan, wearing a football kit and bad ghost makeup, while attempting to enquire about his mate’s Cruella Deville costume. they met briefly and didn’t see each other again for the rest of the night.

Roughly a week later, through random events and fate, Sarah was invited into an unfamiliar flat in her Woolf College block after a lecture and after a few minutes of chatting Jonathan walks in and they meet again this time properly both remembering the other from the brief encounter at Mungo’s. After a night of chatting, the next night is Bonfire night and Sarah has plans to watch the fireworks in London. Anticipating her very late arrival back to the Canterbury bus station on a cold night, Jonathan offers Sarah a ride home and that’s where the romance began. To this day they celebrate their anniversary by going and watching fireworks on the 5th of November.

After conquering the year of postgraduate study together, Jonathan travelled back to California with Sarah to meet her family and to her surprise, he proposed on the plane ride back to London in a spectacular gesture involving the first class lounge and whole flight crew! Now looking to the future together they will celebrate their engagement along with their graduation ceremony this July with friends and family from all over the world. They plan to be married in California next November and return to London to live happily ever after.

Paul: The Forgotten Fourdrinier by Peter Simpson (Rutherford 70)

Peter Simpson graduated in History, Rutherford 1970 and after a lifetime in business has written his first book.

The Forgotten Fourdrinier

Paul is almost forgotten and artistically under-rated but was an accomplished copper engraver who founded the English Fourdrinier dynasty which produced the developers of the Fourdrinier Papermaking machine and the wife of Cardinal Newman.

He was connected to aristocrats and great projects of the age, including the development of Palladian neoclassical architecture, the Foundling’s Hospital and the Savannah colony in Georgia and renowned talents such as the sculptor Rysbrack, painter Hogarth, designer William Kent and composer George Frederick Handel. As well as the great and powerful we meet the eccentrics George Vertue, Horace Walpole, the Reverend Stephen Duck, Batty Langley, courtesan Teresia Constantia Phillips and the curious affair of Mary Toft who convinced half the nation that she had given birth to rabbits.

Further information and images of some of Paul’s work can be found at

The Life and times of Paul Fourdrinier, Huguenot Master Printmaker in London 1720-1758; published in January 2017 and available on Amazon and other online book outlets.