Wedding Bells – A Kent love story

Carol Wood

Kent alumni, Carol Wood Price (nee Lamb) and Gary Price, both lived in Rutherford in 1977 but they didn’t actually meet until a Kent reunion in 2019 – a mere 42 years later!

Carol studied English Literature and History at Kent and Gary studied History, with the two even sharing some courses! Carol went on to do a Postgraduate degree in Journalism, before landing her first job at the Hull Daily Mail. Gary went on to have a career in retail.

Their paths crossed in 2017 at a 40th anniversary reunion but they never managed to speak to each other at the event. They would have to wait another two years before they saw each other again, this time at another reunion in Brighton.

Carol said:

“Gary and I happened to be the only two single people at a birthday celebration for fellow Rutherfordian Simon TC Wood and we happened to sit opposite each other at dinner.

“The odds seemed stacked against a relationship working as I lived and worked in two different places (Suffolk and Hampshire) and Gary lived in Essex at the end of the Central Line.

“Within weeks I managed a fortunate transfer to work in London and then we both retreated to Suffolk during lockdown.”

Carol and Gary were married in May 2021 with Simon as one of their witnesses.

Alumni on Rutherford Bridge

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