Becky, living with HIV for 7 years. "I rock the Ribbon to help fight HIV stigma". Wear a ribbon to show your support for people living with HIV

World AIDS day, 1 December

To mark World AIDS Day on 1 December, we are fundraising for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Working to end the HIV/AIDS crisis

World AIDS Day is a time to come together to remember those lost to HIV/AIDS, and to work together to end the global HIV/AIDS crisis. Remember that if you are sexually active, you can protect yourself and others by using protection, including PrEP. It’s also important to get tested regularly, share your test results with your sexual partners, and where possible ask them for their test results. HIV-positive people can go on to lead healthy, happy lives, but it’s important to catch an infection early on to maximise the efficacy of treatment.

We must also campaign for fair distribution of PrEP and other preventatives, as well as sex education, not only within the UK but also to the Global South – more than a million adults and children die of AIDS each year on the African continent alone. Western governments and corporations control much of the supply of HIV-preventatives, and as citizens it is our responsibility to push to redistribute these more fairly.

How to donate

Terrence Higgins Trust are the UK’s leading HIV and Sexual Health charity. They support people living with HIV and amplify their voices, with the aim of destigmatising sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS in particular.

On Thursday 1 December, it will be 40 years since the first case of HIV/AIDS in the UK. We will be taking the time to remember all those who were lost in the epidemic. If you’d like to wear a red ribbon to show your support, you can find these in Nexus, located in the Templeman Library, available for a small donation either in cash, online or via phone:

Text RIBBON1 to 70580 to donate £1

Text RIBBON5 to 70580 to donate £5