Wain Medal Lecture: Light for Life

Join Professor Matt Johnson, Director of Research and Innovation at the University of Sheffield on Tuesday 29th November 2022 in SLT1 at 1pm for his lecture Light for Life. 

Professor Matt Johnson will explain how plants harness the extraordinary power of the sun through photosynthesis and use it to weave life out of thin air and water. He will discuss how photosynthesis has shaped our world and will emphasise how humankind urgently needs to learn its inner workings if we are to successfully feed a growing population, estimated to reach 10 billion by 2050. Whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the generation of renewable energy.

Incorporating his own research, Professor Matt Johnson will highlight the great strides made in recent years in understanding photosynthesis by observing the photosynthetic machinery at work. He tells the story of how we are using this knowledge to grow bigger, healthier crops and even showing we are not alone in the universe.


For further information please contact Prof Martin Warren, School of Biosciences, University of Kent m.j.warren@kent.ac.uk