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Transgender Awareness Week, 13-19 November

This week (13-19 November) is Transgender Awareness Week, which aims to:

  • raise awareness of the experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming people
  • share stories of transgender people in our society
  • advance advocacy around the issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that affect the transgender community.

The big impact of small actions

At Kent we hope to further our inclusive community, eradicate prejudice, and support one another. Lynne Regan, a senior member of the Student Support and Wellbeing team on the Medway campus and who has completed her Doctorate on the experience of trans students at the University, explains how small actions can have a big impact:

‘Rainbow lanyards are available for staff and students from most college and library receptions at Canterbury and Medway. Wearing the lanyards shows students that they can ‘bring their whole selves’ to you without fear of judgement or an unsupportive reaction. Another thing you can do is to use inclusive language, put pronouns in your email signature and respect pronouns. If someone has told you the pronouns that they use, then respect this.’

Support for staff at Kent

  • There is a support group in Canterbury that meets twice a month. It is open to trans, intersex and non-binary people at Kent. The group is run by trans/non-binary people for trans/non-binary people. Family and partners are welcome.
  • There are gender-neutral toilet facilities across our Canterbury and Medway campuses.
  • Check out our directory of LGBTQ+ self-help resources including details of free, confidential, specialist helplines and support group networks, such as Metro, The Be You Project, and Gendered Intelligence.
  • Our LGBTQ+ Staff Network encourages people from all backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to get involved and welcomes any ideas, feedback and advice you have.

Help us create a university community that belongs to all staff and students, and where everyone feels they belong by sharing this information on transgender awareness. #InclusiveKent