Sunset with lamppost

Clocks going back: plan your journey home (Medway)

Clocks go back on Sunday night. As it will get darker earlier, here’s some top tips to help you #StaySafe. Whether you’re going on a night out or you’re working late in town, make sure to plan your journey home.

Check bus services

Depending on how late you stay out, you might be able to catch a bus home. Arriva is the main bus operator in Medway. Find out more about bus services in Medway.

Booking a registered taxi

If you’re booking a taxi, make sure it is registered. You can tell if a taxi is licensed by checking if there is a licence plate on the front and back of the vehicle. They are usually positioned under or next to the vehicle registration plate. Drivers of licensed taxis will also be wearing an ID badge and you can ask to see this if it is not immediately visible.

Recommended walking routes on campus

If you’re walking across campus at night, we recommend you use the following walking routes that are fully lit:

Campus Security Walking Taxi service

If you don’t want to walk home alone on campus, you can call Campus Security on 01227 82 3300 and they can arrange for a member of Security to walk with you.

Look out for your friends and don’t leave anyone behind #StaySafe