Stop using SharePoint 2013 sites by 7 October

This is a final reminder that SharePoint 2013 will be set to ‘read only’ and cannot be edited after 7 October.Please ensure all content that you need is moved from SharePoint 2013 by this date.  

You will still be able to access SharePoint 2013 sites and download the content but will not be able to make changes to documents, permissions or other content. 

SharePoint 2013 will be permanently retired after 31 December 2022. 

What does this include? 

  • All SharePoint 2013 sites, which includes anything beginning with a URL sharepoint.kent.ac.uk. 
  • SharePoint 2013 ‘mysites’, which begin with the URL mysite.sharepoint.kent.ac.uk/ and can be accessed by clicking ‘OneDrive’ in the top right corner of SharePoint 2013. 

For further help: 

There is lots of useful advice on the KentNet Support site. 

If you are not aware of the process to move content or where content should be moved to please send your enquiry to Izzy Linthwaite, Digital Collaborative Services Lead, Information Services.