Student Helpers – ready to help you!

You may have seen the Student Helpers (with their bright yellow lanyards and enthusiastic smiles!) across campus in the lead-up to, and during, Welcome Week. Well, they are ready and keen to work for you!

The Work-Study Scheme (based in the Careers and Employability Service) have around 150 right-to-work-checked, contracted, trained and ready Student Helpers at your disposal. All you need to do is contact Hannah Greer/Jen Davey on (or drop us a line on Teams), give us your cost code, and we’ll arrange Student Helpers to work for you. (Student Helpers are paid £9.40/hour or £9.99/hour if they’re aged 25+, and we have some match-funding available to help with costs.)

Student Helpers can be put to work at events, for promotional work, focus groups, or for longer-term opportunities such as social media management or administrative support. We have a bank of job descriptions, and can support you with shortlisting, interviewing, or directly assigning roles.

Natalia Crisanti has hired Communications Interns the for the last 2 years:

‘When Student Services underwent a restructure, we knew we had a big challenge to improve our communications to students. With the help of the Work-Study Scheme, we recruited 5 extremely capable Interns, each working 5-10 hours per week to help manage the social media and web pages.

As a group we were able to meet regularly, flex and cover one another’s work so that deadlines were met, and learned from one another to create engaging content and maximise student participation. I would highly recommend recruiting through the Work-Study Scheme, it had been a fantastic way of having student insight in reaching their peers, excellent digital media knowledge exchanges, and being able to mentor and grow their professional experience so they can graduate from Kent with confidence.’