Award of Honorary Degrees in 2022 and onwards

The next meeting of the University’s Honorary Degrees Committee will take place in November 2021 and we are looking for nominations for the award of honorary degrees for the consideration of the Committee.

Anyone can put forward a nomination and to ensure the award of honorary degrees across a broad range of academic disciplines and subject areas it would be helpful to receive a number from each Division (for example one from each School/Centre). You can find all the necessary information, including the nomination form on the honorary degree nominations webpage. Nominations should be returned by 25 October 2021 by email to

Public Orator Suggestions

The Committee is also looking for suggestions of Public Orators, if you have any, or indeed if you wish to put yourself forward, please do email by 25 October 2021 and these will be discussed at the Committee and where appropriate put forward to Senate for approval.  Information about the role can be found on the Honorary Degree Web page .