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Counter-Terrorism training for managers

As part of our response to both Government guidance and the need to be prepared for any incident response, we will be shortly be hosting Action Counter Terrorism (ACT) Strategic and Operational Counter terrorism training for senior staff and key external partners.

These sessions are intended to give people a better of understanding of the threat from terrorism and the simple security measures that can be taken to protect a business or an organisation. It will give up-to-date training that will make everyone safer, helping those who attend to plan for and/ or respond to an incident or emergency at work.

The training sessions, which are being prioritised by both Executive Group and our wider Senior Leadership, will be facilitated by Counter Terrorism Security Advisors from Counter Terrorism Policing South East. Wider senior staff across the University can also now sign to attend, with two different types of session on offer:

ACT Strategic training is aimed at Executive Group (EG) and Senior Leadership (SL) members. ACT Strategic is a National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) initiative exploring ways to aid businesses in preventing against, managing, and recovering from a terrorist attack.

ACT Operational training is aimed at Operational and Customer facing managers, supervisors and staff in authority. ACT Operational is a NaCTSO initiative exploring ways to aid businesses in preventing, managing, and responding to a terrorist attack.

Training will take place in the Darwin Conference Suite on the Canterbury campus, with measures in place to ensure we meet all Government safety requirements regarding Covid-19. This will take place on the following dates:

  • Monday 06.09.2021        OPERATIONAL
  • Tuesday 07.09.2021         OPERATIONAL
  • Wednesday 08.09.2021   STRATEGIC
  • Thursday 09.09.2021       OPERATIONAL
  • Thursday 16.09.2021       OPERATIONAL
  • Friday 17.09.2021             STRATEGIC

How to book your place on the training:

Please contact Jess Sutherland (Prevent Officer) identifying person(s) attending (first name, family name, job title and email contact details), preferred training date(s), any vehicle details and any specific dietary requirements. This will be on a first come-first served basis and we will try to accommodate preferred training dates and numbers requested.

If you have been invited to attend the training and have not signed up, please do so now via StaffConnect. If you are a front line Manager or Supervisor who has not been invited yet, there are now opportunities for you to attend so discuss with your line manager to get their support and apply via StaffConnect.