The exhibitions celebrating Black History Month

There are a few exhibitions celebrating Black History Month which focus on the contribution Black people have made to the UK.

African Women and the British Health Service – Keynes College

This exhibition showcases the work women of African heritage contributed to the NHS. Despite their long history of work within the health service in Britain, the role of African women is rarely highlighted in discussions of the history of the NHS or of health work more generally.  This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and curated by the Young Historians Project in partnership with Ghana Nurses Association, Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association and the Black Cultural Archives.

Kent Black Lives Matter: Student Protests Exhibition – Keynes College

This photographic exhibition is a visual reminder of when students at the University of Kent campus joined together to support the Black Lives Matter anti-racist protests.

The Black Liberation Front digital exhibition

This exhibition presents the history of the Black Liberation Front (BLF) in Britain. The BLF was active in Britain from 1971-1993 and had its roots in the wider Black Power movement.  The BLF worked with other groups in Britain and had strong international links with organisations and individuals worldwide concerned with Black liberation and has been curated by the Young Historians Project.