Black History Month

Black History Month is a yearly event that celebrates the achievements of Black people in the UK. The university in conjunction with Kent Union and GKSU are celebrating Black History Month by hosting various activities over October.


**Rescheduled** University of Kent Annual Race Equality Lecture – Monday 2 November Thursday 17:30 – 19:00

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles (VC of the University of the West Indies) will give a talk on “British Universities as Architect of Slavery and Violent Colonialism: Undoing the Harm”. This will be the University’s fourth Annual Race Equality Lecture and the first to be held online. It is free and open to all, with registration now open.

Decolonisation Discussion Forum – Friday 30 October at 12:30

A roundtable discussion covering what decolonisation means in the context of University students.

Film Screenings

Miss Juneteenth – Thursday 29 October at 19:00

This powerful film will be screened at The Gulbenkian and followed by a panel discussion.


African Women and the British Health Service

This exhibition showcases the work women of African heritage contributed to the NHS.

Kent Black Lives Matter: Student Protests Exhibition

This photographic exhibition is a visual reminder of when students at the University of Kent campus joined together to support the Black Lives Matter anti-racist protests.