Collage of selfie from Virtual Music Project

Listen to the first song from the Virtual Music Project

The Virtual Music Project has yielded its first fruit – the complete first movement of Vivaldi’s Gloria (listen now on YouTube). The project, run by the Deputy Director of Music, Dan Harding, brings together students, staff and alumni from across the University community to continue rehearsing and making music together. Participants have included musicians from around the country and even across the world from Germany to Luxembourg and Japan!

The project affords musicians amongst the University community the opportunity to record their individual vocal or instrumental part and send them, contributing to a combined ‘virtual’ performance of Vivaldi’s vibrant Baroque masterpiece.

There’s still the opportunity to get involved in the project, as it moves into building the second movement of the piece, as well as a virtual Dance Orchestra performing tunes from the 1940s and 1950s, with other pieces coming as the project continues to unfold.

Read more about the project or find out how to get involved on the Virtual Music Project Facebook page.