creme egg brownie cake

Top 10 chocolate recipes…

Easter may be over, but with many of us at home thinking of ways to entertain ourselves, what better way than to put our baking skills to the test?

Chocolate may be a traditional treat for Easter, but let’s face it, this delectable confectionery is great for any time of the year! So we’ve selected mouth-watering recipes for you to indulge in chocolate in 10 delicious ways…

1. Chocolate hazelnut ice cream cheesecake


Using only four ingredients this delectable dessert is easy and simple to make. Take a look at BBC Good Food for the recipe.

2. Double-layer custard and chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse

Creamy custard and dark chocolate provide a great combination for this recipe from Delicious Magazine.

3. Delia’s Chocolate bread and butter pudding

Delia Smith -chocolate-bread-and-butter-pudding

From a woman who knows a thing or two about desserts, this Delia Smith recipe is wonderful both hot and cold!

4. Chocolate and marshmallow mini egg traybake

chocolate and marshmallow mini egg traybake

This Easter-inspired treat from Delicious Magazine  is a great one for sharing – that’s if you want to!

5. Vegan chocolate truffles

vegan chocolate truffles

Rich and luxurious, this dessert from Loving it Vegan is perfect for all occasions…

6. Easy chocolate chip cookies


A great one to try with kids, this easy recipe from Good to know can be baked in under 30 minutes…

7. Chocolate, pear and hazelnut frangipane tart

hocolate and pear frangipane tart

With fruit and nut complimenting the chocolate in this Food Magazine recipe, there’s triple the tastiness!

8. Chocolate fudge brownies

classic chocolate brownies

These classic, yet tasty treats are perfect for enjoying with a nice cup of tea! Recipe from Food and Wine.

9. Chocolate tiramisu


Made with layers of mascarpone, chocolate ganache and ladyfingers dipped in hot chocolate this Pretty Simple Sweet recipe is perfect for chocolate-lovers!

And finally, …

10. Crème egg brownie cake

creme egg brownie cake

This scrumptious dessert from Olive Magazine is perfect to try for an Easter treat…or any time of the year!

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